Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Polly!

Dear Polly,

You're nine years old today. I know, I can't believe it either. The last year of single digits!

These are qualities I already see in you at this young age: faith, grace, compassion, intelligence, humor and an excitement each morning for what the day might hold.

You've won the hearts of the dentists and nurses who are helping you with fixing up your mouth after that horrible day when we thought your tooth was gone forever. They love your attitude and, yes, I know you're nine but they all talk about how cute you are.

Because you are, Polly. You are absolutely one of my favorite people on this planet, and I could be wrong, but I think I would say that even if you weren't my daughter.

The day you were born was one of the best days of my life. I'm sorry your dad and I have had to learn how to be Dad and Mom at your expense sometimes. You've handled it well.

So, many happy returns of the day, my not-so-little one. You'll always be my baby, even when you're taller than I (and it looks like that day may come sooner rather than later, much to your joy).


A post script for anyone else that may read this confidential (yeah, right) letter to Polly: please continue to pray for Polly's tooth. She had another dentist appointment this morning and they're concerned about some things they saw. She has at least two more appointments in the next month, including an x-ray to check that spot again. Unfortunately, they have now made us aware of the possibility that she could still lose the tooth entirely. Not what we wanted to hear on her birthday but we are hoping and praying for the best!