Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dear Lili: Three Months

Dear Lili,

First of all, you're three months old today and I am not happy about it. Let me explain that, since of course I am happy that you're growing, nay thriving. I am not happy about it because you seem determined not to be a newborn any more. Three months is serious, is what your eyes are telling me. I can just hear you, in your babble, echoing one of your big sisters (Sweet Pea): "Mom, I'm big now. I really am."

This has been a fun month. You got to meet your new cousin (henceforth, for the purposes of this blog, to be known as "Roo"). We anticipate much fun and many humorous antics from Lili and Roo in the future.
Then there's all the Christmas stuff.

You've managed to contain your excitement pretty well. However, twinkle lights? Love. You are all about the sparkly, shiny lights and ornaments. I'm guessing you'll be into jewelry in a big way once you're older.

You had a horrible experience this month: somehow a hair got wrapped around two of the toes on your left foot. We cut the thread and rushed you to the doctor (did I mention there was about a foot of snow on the ground?). It wasn't a fun experience for any of us, but it turns out Mommy and Daddy had already rescued your toe and didn't know it. The doctor put you on an antibiotic and told us to put antibiotic cream on your toes. By the next day, it was already looking better. And no, we didn't take any pictures of it.

We didn't get any pictures of Daddy in the doctor's office either, although I wish we could have. It would prove that I'm not the only one that gets woozy when any of you girls gets hurt.

Anyway, despite that one scary episode, you've had a pretty good month. You love your sisters and you love to be right in the middle of them, watching them play. It won't be long before you can play too!

Until then, I hope we have lots more of this in our future:

'Cause it's pretty much my favorite thing to do. All twelve pounds of you are just as perfectly snugly and kissable as the day you were born.


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Elisabeth said...

Ah, come on! No pictures of the toes?! I was looking forward to seeing those!

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