Saturday, November 20, 2010

Weekend Reads

Homeschool families get a lot of comments. These could be good, they could be bad. Add in a few more children than the norm (whatever that is) and you're likely to get even more comments. Jamie's post "I don't have to" perfectly describes how I feel about my kids and homeschooling. (This also reminds me of what one of my childhood camp directors used to say, "No, you don't have to.You get to," to some whining camper. I still use this line every year at camp now that I'm a grown up and camp directing along with Prince Charming.)

Pastor Dad works for a local college. He could tell you some stories about the state of higher education in this country. But, just in case you haven't had a chance to talk to Pastor Dad about it, here's a frightening one I read this week. Some of those papers all the underpaid T.A's are grading? Probably not written by the students. And that's only part of the problem.

The holidays are upon us! First we have Thanksgiving, which brings me to an important question: stuffing or dressing? Somehow none of those pictures look like what my in-laws eat for Thanksgiving. We always have Thanksgiving with my in-laws. Whom I love very much, of course. The cornbread dressing they all, not so much, which is probably enough to confirm the fact that I am not a "real" southerner in everyone's mind, no matter how sweet I make my iced tea.

Then there's Christmas. Yes, denial ends now: it's coming. December 25th. Mark your calendars. And Christmas means fudge. For me, Mamaw's fudge, specifically. Those recipes aren't Mamaw's fudge, but they'll get you started. (Note: thou shalt not use rum in the making of fudge. There are three acceptable types of fudge: chocolate, blond or peanut butter. You could ask Mamaw how to make them. But she won't tell you because all her recipes are closely guarded secrets.)

Christmas also involves gift giving. Personalized presents are always a good idea.

Finally, if it seems like things are super busy, super complicated, and increasingly stressful, here's a list of 60 Ways to Make Life Simple Again.

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