Monday, November 8, 2010

How Good Could It Be?

At the risk of being a little too transparent, a little too out there, sharing a little too much...

Well, you get the idea. This quick post may just be a little too.

I stood in line at a mega big-box store the other day. It was the quick check out. I only had one item.

The lady looked at my item, looked at me, scanned the item, placed it in a bag. I wished I could sink into the floor. Why, oh why, did this store not have u-scan? I love u-scan. (I dislike it when people who don't know how to u-scan are using u-scan but that's another story.)

"Have a nice day," the cashier said as I walked away with my purchase.

I mean, seriously, how nice could my day be when I'm buying a product with "nit" emblazoned on the box?

Yup. You know what that means. One of the charming girls and yes, only one- thank goodness, had some unwanted visitors this week. It's under control.

But I think I would have preferred sympathetic silence from that cashier instead of a cheerful "have a nice day", you know?


Karabeth Baptist Homeschool said...

Well, perhaps her parting encouragement was better than if she had acted like you had cooties.

(I'm only teasing now that I know the "situation" is over.)

Amy said...

I'm wimpy enough on that sort of thing it is almost guaranteed I would have made -I mean- kindly asked my dear husband to go do the purchasing.

Glad things are resolved at your house... and I hope you're having a nice day! ;)

Vicky said...

Oh, man! I HATED having to deal with those things! I'm sooooo glad only one of the girls got them! I think one year Liz was the "unlucky" one to have them not once, but a couple of times, at least!

Karin said...

Did you think to call the cashier a nitwit - even under your breath??

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