Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day

I'm so thankful for men like my Papaw (paternal grandfather - if you take issue with that grandparent name just understand that the state of Kentucky figures prominently in my ancestry, what else can I say?) who were willing to serve the United States. My grandfather is eighty-one years old now but I have no doubt he'd go again if his country asked him to.

Then there's my brother-in-law. He's active duty Air Force, preparing for another major deployment (his second). We're so proud of him! (And I am in awe of my sister who has adapted quite well to military life and peppers her conversations with far more military acronyms than I could ever hope to memorize)

This little post doesn't even begin to cover Prince Charming's grandpas, or my uncle, or my great-uncles or my friends who have served or are serving.

I don't know about you, but November makes me a little bit introspective and a lot more aware of my blessings than usual. The men and women of our military are definitely some of those blessings.

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