Friday, November 12, 2010

Candid Favorites - Thanksgiving Edition 1

Books we love and read during the month of November:

1. Meet the Pilgrim Fathers by Elizabeth Payne. This one is older (written in 1966) but still available. Accessible for young readers and divided into 19 short chapters.

2.The Pilgrims Knew by Tillie S. Pine & Joseph Levine. Pictures by (the great) Ezra Jack Keats. Another old one (1957) but well worth seeking out. Our copy is an old library copy but Polly thoroughly enjoys this book.

3. Thanksgiving Day by Robert Merrill Bartlett. Illustrations by W.T. Mars. Written in 1965. We just found this one at our library this year. Accessible for the young reader. Not divided in chapters but a bit long to read in one sitting.

4. Stranded at Plimoth Plantation 1626 by Gary Bowen. Written in 1994, the vintage look woodcut illustrations are amazing. Polly found this book to be fascinating when she first read it last year. It's written diary style and mentions many real people and events.

5. Priscilla Alden and the First Thanksgiving by Alice Benjamin Boynton. Pictures by Christa Kieffer. We had to get this one when we found it at our library, since we are descended from Priscilla and John Alden (a fact Polly is quite proud of). The last sentence of this book is: "In fact, some of their descendants are living today," to which Polly and I just gleefully said, "We know!"


Vicky said...

All of these books sound great! Very cool that your ancestry is traced back to the Aldens!

Karabeth Baptist Homeschool said...

So glad I could contribute someting in the area of "Pilgrim Pride." :)

Speaking of which, I found a couple of teaching posters about the Mayflower and Plymouth that Miss Polly might enjoy.

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