Friday, October 15, 2010

There Were Never Such Devoted...

Sisters, of course!

Lili is the first child I've had since my sister had her little boy (The Ever Adorable Fen). Something about being able to share this experience with Princess (She knows what I'm talking about! She's been through this too! She understands!) really felt amazing.
And then there's Lulu, who traveled all the way from Far Points West, braving red-eye flights and spooky airport tunnels (ask her), just to spend a weekend with us. (OK, it was for our mom's birthday too) Lulu is an Aunt Extraordinaire (Seriously. She and her husband have twelve nieces and nephews. Twelve!) and All Around Fabulous Person.
Lili was thrilled to make her acquaintance, as I'm sure you can tell by the above photo. Lili found Aunt Lulu's arms to be the almost perfect napping place, thereby giving Mama's arms a rest (and giving Aunt Lulu's muscles a work out).

Sisters are definitely a Finer Thing in my life!


Amy said...

My sister got married two weeks ago, and I'm already looking forward to the time (whenever it may be) that we get to share this experience, too!

Elisabeth said...

Thank God for sisters!!!

Vicky said...

Sisters are the best of friends!

Lisa said...

I was so excited I got to come, even if it was too short of a visit. I'll take more neices and nephews anytime! They're all perfectly wonderful

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