Monday, October 18, 2010

Mom as Doctor

Did you know becoming a mother is almost as good as a medical degree? Don't believe me?

Well, I ask you, can a doctor simply kiss a hurt spot and "make it all better?" I can. And I do, almost every day (I have four children now. Someone is constantly in need of my make it better services.)

Another way this works is mad diagnostic skills. For instance, just this morning Polly came into my room.

"I itch all over," she told me, close to tears. (Side note: she had been working on a Latin lesson at the kitchen table for about 30 minutes.)

Time for Mom to diagnose what could have caused such terrible discomfort.

"Maybe put Latin away for awhile and work on something else," I suggested.

Problem solved. No need for creams, sprays, or even a closer look at her beautiful skin.

"You were right, Mom!" She called, much happier, from the kitchen a few minutes later.

Schoolwork may cause massive itchiness. Who knew?

Doctor Mom, of course.


Karin said...

Fun to catch up on all your great posts! Certainly brings back a gazillion memories when mother was doctor, teacher, counselor, pick your own! Those were the days! Enjoy!

Vicky said...

Yep! Dr. Mom! Great post!

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