Monday, October 25, 2010

Long Tale of a Tooth

Do you know that nightmare, the one where you turn your back for one second and something terrible happens to one of your children? I can't be the only one who's had that dream. Well, it actually happened here Saturday morning.

Just as a review, this is what Polly looked like Friday afternoon:
Saturday morning I left Polly in charge of the baby while I went downstairs to switch the laundry. As I moved the wet clothes from the washer to the dryer I heard a "thump" and then a blood curdling scream followed by crying and "Get mom now!".

This is not good, I thought. I figured Lili had rolled off the bed or something and everyone was upset about it. I came upstairs to find Polly spitting out blood. She told me she had tripped in my bedroom with the baby and knocked her own front tooth out. I frantically checked the baby over (her sleeper was covered in blood, which all turned out to be Polly's). Tigger was crying, Lili was crying, Sweet Pea was oblivious but getting in the way and while I tried to look in Polly's mouth I started feeling faint. Have I mentioned that I do not do well with blood? Understatement.

I called Prince Charming to come home. I called my mom. My mom got here first (Thank goodness they only live up the hill! I have no idea what we would have done without her.)

We searched and searched and searched for that tooth. Prince Charming got home and started searching. Pastor Dad joined the search. In between searching we took turns checking over Lili and Polly. Polly laid down in her bed with a cold washcloth on her forehead.

There was much crying and desperate calls to dentists. Side note: never try to get hold of a dentist on Saturday. They all go fishing together, or something. Prince Charming did talk to the Pediatric Dentist at our local (highly respected) Children's Hospital.

The tooth was nowhere to be found. Pastor Dad took the girls to get some lunch. I took a shower and tried to settle myself. All I could think was my sweet little girl would never have all her permanent teeth, that she was facing months, if not years of painful dental procedures and...well, you can imagine the rest. We were all trying to be cheerful (but honest) around the kids but my own thoughts were not so optimistic.

We decided to keep our original plans for the day, which were to take the girls to a farm / pumpkin patch, since without the tooth there was no rush to do anything. This cheered everyone up and took Polly's mind off what had happened.

As we drove home, Polly fell asleep. By the time we got home she was waking up, upset and crying. She couldn't eat anything. At this point her mouth had cleared up for Prince Charming to get a good look. It looked like part of the tooth was still in her mouth (we thought the tooth had shattered because we did find one tiny piece of it). We decided that he would take Polly to Children's Hospital and have her checked out.

My mom came down again to help me get the little girls in bed and so that I wouldn't be alone. And then we waited. And waited.

And waited. No calls from Prince Charming (very bad cell reception inside the hospital). He finally called late that night. The story: Polly's tooth had actually been shoved up inside her gum. It was still in her mouth (although chipped). They were going to put her under in order to pull the tooth down, stitch up her mouth (she had damaged the bone, no surprise there) and brace her top teeth together. They told him she would need a root canal in a few weeks to deal with all the nerve damage. They also told him - Praise the Lord! - that her prospects were very good for keeping the tooth.

So here's what Polly looks like today:
Please pray that the tooth and bone would heal as they're supposed to and that there won't be any complications such as infection. Polly is a trooper and the hospital staff were very taken with her ("She's so cute!" being just one statement often repeated to Prince Charming during their very long wait & treatment) She can't eat much, only soft foods, but she's actually enjoying being allowed to eat exactly what she wants, since she's a bit of a picky eater. Her foods of choice right now: eggs in any form (especially scrambled or fried), cottage cheese, and banana (sliced up very small).

We're counting our blessings - she still has her tooth, Lili wasn't hurt, and we have one of the best hospitals for children in the country.

And yes, from now on I intend to wrap my children in bubble wrap even if they're just walking around the house. Just kidding, I think.


Elisabeth said...

WOW! All that from tripping over something in her room?! That must have been some fall! I'm so glad it wasn't worse and that no one was seriously hurt!

Elisabeth said...

BTW, I don't know if you read my blog when I wrote about Ryan getting stung by bees? All I heard was that blood curdling scream and thot something terrible had happened. So I totally know what you're talking about there! It's the worst thing in the world for a parent!

MacKenzie said...

Oh my, that does not sound pleasant. I'm so glad things have been working out for the best but I'll be praying for a speedy recovery.

ginellebaskin said...

How scary! She is quite the trooper to have handled all that so well! So glad she still has the tooth and praying all goes well from here on out.

Karabeth Baptist Homeschool said...

I'm not sure I'm done shaking. And I've got these tears back behind my eyes that are just looking for a way out. So far I haven't been quiet long or alone for just an instant so that I can.

Speaking of tears, I told Polly's taekwondo coach about her ordeal and his eyes were definitely glistening. He wants her to know that he's praying for her.

Lisa said...

Ok... I don't mind telling you I cried a little bit looking at her sweet face with her tooth braced in. I'm so relieved she's going to be okay, and that the damage wasn't any worse.

Kelly said...

She is such a trooper! One of the many reasons that I love her (along with her knowing exactly how to calm the baby down during church!). Glad she's doing so well!

Amy said...

Wow. I held my breath the whole time I was reading! How scary and traumatic! So glad everything turned out as well as it did. As my dad says, "The good Lord was kind!" :)

Jodi said...

Oh! my word I totally understand ... in September Breanna ran outside of Mom's house and hit the edge of the blacktop parking lot with ... yep you guessed it her two front teeth!!! I like you totally panicked about my poor baby not having her front two teeth even tho they are baby teeth ... I pushed them back up straight and called our dentist and did alot of research on the internet ... Thank the LORD they straightened, tightened, and never bruised! I'll be praying that Polly's will heal and maybe she won't have to have that root canal after all!!

Vicky said...

Praise the LORD for hanging on to that tooth! Praying it causes no more problems and heals WITHOUT the need of a root canal!!!

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