Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lili at One Month

Dear Lili, It's hard to believe that you're one month old already! It seems like we waited forever for you to come and then, well, you were here!
So beautiful and perfect, ready to meet everyone and get settled in.
Now, I could be wrong, but I'm fairly sure I'm your favorite person. After all, you and I spend a lot of time together. You nurse about every 2 1/2 hours (sometimes you go a little longer, especially at night, but not often) and you like to sleep snuggled in my arms on laying on my chest.
But there are other people you're fond of too. Polly has a special "baby talk" voice that you like to listen to. And Polly is very careful with you.
You spend a lot of time with Tigger because she asks to hold you. A lot. She loves all babies, but you're her favorite.
And then there's Sweet Pea. She loves being your big sister and I know the two of you are going to be quite a duo once you get a bit bigger. (So don't grow too fast, OK?)
We introduced you to our church family when you were only 3 days old.  Your granddad prayed that Mommy & Daddy would raise you the way God wants and that you would grow up to know and serve Jesus. That's what we pray for you too.
You wore your beautiful dress from Gram that Sunday. It was a little big but that didn't matter.
When you were about a week old, Daddy gave you this pacifier. Unlike your older sisters (especially Tigger & Sweet Pea) you don't really like it much. But you tolerate it. One of these days you might figure out how to get your thumb or fingers in your mouth. I'm pretty sure that's what you would prefer.
You had your first bath when you were three weeks old. It was quite an event in our house! You liked the water pretty well, we thought. We had to cut your bath short though, because all your sisters wanted to help wash you and you got tired of that pretty quickly.
When you're not sleeping on Mommy's chest, you'll occasionally sleep in your car seat. You don't like your bed much at all. I think you've slept about 6 hours total in it your entire first month.
And just so you know, yes I do just hold you and look at you. I never get tired of watching you, whether asleep or awake.

Happy One Month Birthday, Little One!
Love, Mama


Karabeth Baptist Homeschool said...

One month already!!!! Good grief!

But I'm so thankful that it has been a great month. And that Lili has been blessed with good health (and so have you!).

Looking forward to many more wonderful, eventful months with our little Lili right in the middle of all the festivities.

Kelly said...

I noticed the pacifier thing last Sunday! Talk about a dream baby! Almost makes me wish I was in the nursery more often than I already am. :)

Elisabeth said...

I think the thing I'm most sad about with my baby-on-the-way is that my dad won't be dedicating it and praying over it at church like he did with the other two. But yay for a great first month with Lili!

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