Friday, October 29, 2010

Finer Things Friday - Pumpkin Patch!

Despite our horrible, no good, very bad morning (see this post) our family managed to salvage part of the day by visiting a local farm.
This included a hayride,
choosing pumpkins in a pumpkin patch,
being silly with aforesaid pumpkins,
playing in a huge bin of corn kernels (more fun than a sandbox, according to my girls)
though some of us slept the whole time.
And don't forget the tricycle races.
And giving a little sister a ride.
We did the corn maze in record time thanks to Prince Charming's hastily sketched map. He doesn't have a very good sense of direction in real life (um, don't tell him I said that) but in a corn maze, he's golden.

Not to mention all the farm animals, the little farmer game and picking out the funniest looking gourds to bring home.

An afternoon spent together at the farm? Definitely a Finer Thing.


MacKenzie said...

I guess I'm just a little kid at heart because I think that corn kernal bin looks like a ton of fun! And cute pictures of the girls. I can't wait until Lucy will actually look at the camera.

Anonymous said...

Fun, fun! We worked at a Pumpkin patch a couple of years...


Vicky said...

This farm sounds like tons of fun! Glad y'all enjoyed the time spent!

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