Thursday, September 16, 2010

Yes, I'm Still Here

Sunday when I walked into church I felt unwelcome. Nearly anyone who caught a glimpse of me, as the Bible says, "Their countenance fell" and then they would say, "Oh, are you still here?"

I wanted to assure these people that no one, but no one, wants this baby to come more than I do, but yes, I am still here.

Still preparing - the car seat situation is now all sorted out. The pack n play (our bed of choice for our babies) is set up in our room. Her clothes are washed - a few are even packed in a bag for her trip home from the hospital.

It seems like the girls are getting ready - and getting older - too. Sweet Pea has been endeavoring to "be big". Which for her means a lot of little things but, most significantly to Prince Charming and me, she's been trying to stay dry at night. She isn't always successful but at least she actually cares about it again.

Tigger seems so much more grown up, seemingly overnight. She even got her library card the other day. And if I had the energy to find the camera, take the picture, upload the picture and fool around on Blogger with the picture, I'd show you photographic evidence. I suppose what I'm saying is, our tradition of taking a picture of the girls with their first library card is going to have to wait in Tigger's case. Nothing my currently middle child (or "Second Oldest", as she has pointed out) isn't already used to.

We've continued on with our regular school routine, although Polly has had to wake me up from a quick nap to do Grammar on more than one occasion.

So, we'll keep you posted. Believe it or not, we'd actually prefer that Baby wait until next week - preferably Thursday or later - because we have a lot going on this weekend. Which, depending on her level of contrariness, may mean she'll come this weekend. Or she might be punctual like Sweet Pea. My next doctor's appointment is on the due date. That's when they start scheduling non-stress tests and (ominous music) induction. Maybe the threat of induction will inspire her to come on her own (hey, it worked with Sweet Pea).

Meanwhile, I probably ought to pack my suitcase. Denial is over: Baby Girl #4 will be here soon.


Lisa said...

I'm so excited! It's so close! :)

Kelly said...

Strangely enough, the baby in the sidebar is as big as she was when I checked on her during camp. That baby looks like it could stay in there for years! ;)

MacKenzie said...

Wow, I didn't realize you were so close. How exciting! I do have one request...if you don't announce her name on the blog, could you please reveal it to me by email/twitter message or something. I'm not sure if I can stand not knowing!

Vicky said...

DH and I were discussing your due date today! And we won't be TOO upset if you don't make it to the homecoming services we will be attending at your church! :) We won't hold it against you, anyway!

ginellebaskin said...

I know you are SO READY! Praying for you and can't wait to see pictures of the sweet girl!

April said...

Excited for you! I hope we are able to have a fourth child, your post has me wanting another already, and our youngest is just now six months! God bless you, I will pray for a safe, uneventful delivery.

Karabeth Baptist Homeschool said...

I'm ready, too! I can't wait to hold my newest grandchild so bring 'er on . . just not today. . . or tomorrow... or Monday. ;)

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