Thursday, September 30, 2010

One Week Later (Birth Story #4!)

(Picture taken last Sunday)

This Thursday is slightly different from last week, although there are similarities (lack of sleep being one).

Last Wednesday morning I woke up about 5 AM and timed contractions. They were about 8 minutes apart. "Baby is coming today!" I thought. Such naivete, such optimism! I even woke Prince Charming up a bit later. As the day went on we thought the contractions would get closed together or stronger (side note: the ones I was having were already what I would call strong) or something to indicate that it was time to call in the grandparents and head to the hospital.

No such thing happened - instead they tapered off to once every so often, annoying enough to interfere with my day but not enough to cause a call to the doctor. We went on a family walk in the afternoon, trying to spur on some action. I still ended up going with the family to church that evening. Granted, I was really uncomfortable and sat in one of the nursery rocking chairs the entire time, but the contractions were still not close enough together to worry about.

Flash forward to 2 AM that night (the next day? Whatever.) I'd had about 2 hours of restless sleep. But that was all I was going to get, apparently. Now these strong contractions were coming every 10 minutes or less, rather erratically but still, consistently. I woke Prince Charming up about an hour and a half later when they were so strong I couldn't even time them myself (kept forgetting to fool with the stop watch). I couldn't distract myself from them, the rice sock wasn't cutting it any more. I pretty much laid on the bed until one hit and then I would stand up, lean my head against the wall and sort of, I don't know, rock through it. It's hard to explain. One thing was for sure: this was the real deal.

We called the doctor around 4 (I think it was around 4, I wasn't exactly watching the clock) and then we called my mom, and then we took off for the hospital (once Gram was safely installed with the girls).

Here's part of the story I don't think I've mentioned to anyone so far: I had eaten some jello around 2:30 but other than that the only thing I'd had was a huge bottle of Gatorade. On the drive to the hospital it occurred to me that I wouldn't be allowed to have anything other than ice chips, Popsicles, or hard candy at the hospital. And I didn't have any hard candy with me. The thought of going through hours of labor with that Gatorade taste in my mouth was intolerable so I instructed Prince Charming to stop at a convenience store. (A specific chain well known around here, primarily for their ice cream). Well, very few places are open at O'dark-thirty in the morning.

So we stopped at three different stores before we found an open one. Prince Charming ran in to buy me some mints and I sat in the car suffering through a contraction. (I seriously thought about opening the door and leaning against the car, but um, the neighborhood we were in was not, shall we say, the best so I stayed put in the car) Mints procured, we proceeded to the hospital.

It was just after 5 AM when we got there. As I started the triage procedures Prince Charming had to go move the car because the valet parking hadn't been open (5 AM, remember) but the nurses were afraid we might be towed once it opened. Whatever. The only part of this that is relevant is that Prince Charming had to wait in the waiting room while they got me settled in a triage room. He had just joined me when the doctor came to check me and - are you ready for this? - I was declared 9 cm dilated.

Nine?! As in, almost done nine? Yep.

I have never seen those nurses move so quickly. They rushed to get me iv'd up and into a regular L&D room. (As Pastor Dad says, "The paper work must be a nightmare if someone has the baby in triage")

At this point it was looking like Baby Girl #4 would be here any minute. But alas, it was not to be. First of all, she was still "high". And second, she was "Sunny Side Up" (O.P. position. And for those of you wondering, I did NOT have back labor with her, which people often blame on this type position)

She finally came at 10:31 AM. She never did turn around, but it didn't take much pushing once the time came. The nurse said that if Baby had been in the right position labor would have been much shorter (and it would have only taken "half a push").

Anyway, that's the short version. I think I'm still processing most of that morning since everything seemed to happen so quickly.

And today we took Miss Lili to her doctor and she's already surpassed her birth weight - yes, the child likes her food - and everything else looks great. She's a dream baby, really. All except for that little mix up last night. (Awake for nearly 3 hours in the middle of the night and pretty sure she ought to be nursing that entire time.)

So, Happy One Week Birthday to my Little One. You're every bit as perfect as I knew you would be.


Amy said...

Do these things always happen in the wee hours of the morning? It seems like it! Great story... glad Lili arrived safely and with very little drama.
Happy one week! :)
(Loving all the new-baby tweets, by the way!)

Vicky said...

She is beautiful! Happy 1st week, little one and family!

Karabeth Baptist Homeschool said...

Three stops at the ice cream stores?! Well, I guess that explains why it took so long for you to arrive at the hospital. I'd already done the math in my head (even at those wee hours and with my own lack of sleep!) and thought you took the really, REALLY scenic route or something. So glad this little mystery was cleared up. :)

Miss Lili is definitely a keeper. (And Miss Sweet Pea is DEFINITELY a stinker! I'm just saying...)

Lisa said...

Great story. I'm so glad she's finally here

Karin said...

She looks perfectly angelic on the picture! Now every sweet little girl at your house has her own story - and you're sticking to it, lol! You're a great writer!Congratulations to you all!

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