Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What's On My Mind

I've noticed a familiar phenomenon as the Due Date draws near. My brain seems to be BABY, BABY, BABY...and then some other stuff.

Her clothes are finally washed and put away. I've got her things ready to pack, once I get out a suitcase and actually, you know, pack it.

We still haven't decided on a car seat. A family member wanted to help us with this but we can't decide whether to buy the carrier type or the convertible type. Princess has offered to let us borrow Fen's infant car seat and that seems like a good idea, considering it doesn't take long for us to get tired of toting the heavy seat around.

Then we're trying to decide whether to buy a new pack 'n play or a mini crib or...you'd think by the fourth child the decisions would all be made but apparently not.

And then there's the whole name thing. Prince Charming and I were talking about this Sunday night. Polly, who was listening in (naturally - the girl likes to be in the know) liked every option we mentioned, so at least we know one person would be happy.

Oh, and for those of you who hadn't heard: I got my hair chopped off. It's not the shortest I've ever had it but it's pretty close. Tigger claims that she didn't recognize me right after I had it done. Considering she sat there and watched it happen I find this hard to believe.

Meanwhile, the home improvement projects continue. Which is just another way of saying everything is a mess and I'm having trouble focusing on any one thing in order to get them finished. Because, you know, Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby...


Karabeth Baptist Homeschool said...

Weighing in on the car seat debate: if you choose to take the Princess up on her offer one of the plusses is that most of us already own a base for it. I'm just saying.

Amy said...

I agree with your thought about how stinkin' heavy those stupid infant carseats are. I definitely do not miss having to lug that heavy thing around. But I think that with an infant it's hard not to have an infant carseat to carry because of how much sleep the little babies require. Just my thought anyways! It sounds like borrowing Princess' carseat that she has sounds like the best bet.

Lisa said...

Ummmm....I'm going to have to demand pictures of this haircut. Your hair was super long (which is actually what I trying to get to right now). I MUST see what it looks like!

MacKenzie said...

I'm glad you are all Baby, Baby, Baby. First of all, I love babies and secondly, it makes me feel better about having a blog where there has been maybe 3 posts about non-baby things this last 6 months :-)

But I think borrowing sounds good too. We have a convertible in our car but borrowed a infant seat to keep in my parent's car. At 10 weeks old, Lucy was old already big enough that it was hard for me to carry it around and I would have been annoyed if I had spent money on it.

Jodi said...

Aww these last weeks are hard aren't they ?! Don't worry your little one will be here before you know it !! :) And I'm agreeing with Lisa ... I wanna see a pic of your new haircut and your cute pregnant self !!! :)

love ya!

Toni said...


And I think your hair is cute, and I recognized you right away--your the one with the big tummy :)

Philip said...

The hair looks great! :)

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