Monday, August 16, 2010

Sweet Pea's Sunday

As I waited with Sweet Pea for her Sunday School teacher yesterday morning, I asked her a question I've asked other children in similar circumstances in the past. "Looks like you might have to teach this morning," I say. They look at me with expressions varying from incredulity to anticipation.

"Sweet Pea, you might have to teach Sunday School today," I told her. "What will you teach about?" She thought for a minute.

"Probably God," she said finally. -Long pause- "Or Jesus. God or Jesus." Then she looked around the classroom.

"And we'll color," she said very firmly, as if anticipating the reluctant color-ers in her class might mutiny (these are all little boys). She looked around again.

"And we'll have pretzels for a snack. There are animal crackers too, but I don't want animal crackers so we'll have pretzels."

I think this girl has a future in Sunday School teaching.

Later in the day, as we drove to Gram's house (which is what we usually do on Sunday afternoon) Sweet Pea announced, "I don't like Pepper today". (Pepper being the High Hill Canine in Residence. This 50+ lb. bundle of perpetual energy thinks she is a Yorkie lap dog) This was an unusual thing to say because Sweet Pea loves dogs and is the most likely to run up to Pepper for a hug (from Sweet Pea) and kiss (from Pepper).

True to her announcement Sweet Pea screamed any time the poor dog moved. Pepper came in, Sweet Pea screamed. Pepper went out, Sweet Pea screamed. Pepper stood up, Sweet Pea yelled. Pepper laid down, Sweet Pea yelled. get the idea.

Until after lunch. Sweet Pea was petting Pepper. "Do you like Pepper now?" I asked her. She gave me that look she always gives me. That "Mom has completely lost it" look. "I love Pepper," she said.

Go figure.

And, for my final Sweet Pea Sunday anecdote, I'll just mention that Sweet Pea and the girls sang in church last night. And that ("Sweet Pea and the Girls") is most decidedly how Sweet Pea saw the engagement. There's Diana Ross and the Supremes, Gladys Knight and the Pips, and now, Sweet Pea and the Girls. I think we're all supposed to be grateful she allowed her sisters to sing with her at all.

"I want to be in the middle," she told us before church. "And I need a loud microphone."

Never a dull moment.