Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Saga of a Tire

First act: Wife drives to grocery store on Saturday evening. Notice "check tire" light on dash. Drive home. Inform husband. See nothing wrong with tire. Express relief as family has just purchased new tires about two months ago (after a flat tire incident on Memorial Day).

Second Act: Drive to church Sunday morning. Notice "check tire" light again. Get out of van and realize back right tire is going flat. Go on into church. Husband and father change tire after service. (Yes, in their good Sunday clothes. No suits were harmed in the changing of this tire.)

Third Act: Sunday after lunch with family, husband drives to Tire Place. Place is closed on Sundays. Which, you know, is a good thing really.

Fourth Act: Monday morning husband drives back to Tire Place. Tire has a screw in it. Screw is removed, tire is patched, husband comes home. Money spent: none. They did it for free.

Fifth Act: Monday afternoon family, is driving about on various errands. "Check Tire" light is on. Again. Wife complains that something doesn't feel "right" about how the van is driving. Everyone gets out. No noticeable problems with tires.

Sixth Act: Tuesday morning, husband drives back to Tire Place. Employees discover that three tires are over-inflated (by them on Monday morning) and one tire is under-inflated (also by them). Employees of Tire Place are apologetic and proceed to fix tires. Again. At no cost. Husband buys a tire gauge.

Seventh Act: "Check Tire" light has not come on in over 24 hours. Family declares victory.

Eighth Act: Wednesday afternoon, receive in the mail a recall notice to do with how the spare tire is stored in the vehicle.

Ninth Act: Husband and wife laugh uproariously.

Tenth Act: Throw recall notice away and go on with life.