Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our New School System

Want to see how I've revolutionized our school day? It's not work boxes (no room!) or a better schedule (I need my sleep) It's these little things that cost me less than $5 each at the Big Box Store (affiliate link):
(Note: these are a little different from the ones I bought. Ours have an envelope type pocket on the bottom of each page and plastic binding)

This is primarily for Polly's benefit but of course I made one for Tigger and Sweet Pea too. Each of their required subjects has a pocket and in that pocket I put all the necessary work for that week. If a subject uses worksheets, those go in the pocket. If it doesn't, then I write out the assignments on a 3x5 card and put it in the envelope pocket. Anything else that goes along with the lessons (and fits in this folder) goes in too - things like flashcards, blank index cards, magnet letters, Latin c.d., etc.

This system is designed to give Polly a little more control over her school day. She can see very quickly what has to be done for the entire week. She can decide that she wants to do two math lessons, or none. She can finish her Latin assignments all at once or spread it out over five days. Many subjects she still needs my help to complete, but it is her responsibility to come find me and see if it's a good time to do that subject. The only other rule is that all the work must be completed by Saturday night. (Two reasons for this: no school on Sundays & I need time to load the folder for the new week of school)

We've only just started our second week of school, but so far it's working very well. Polly likes having the control and I like being able to work with Tigger without Polly interrupting asking for help. (Sweet Pea interrupting is another problem entirely!)

Tigger's folder is very similar but she doesn't have control over when we do each subject. Still, she likes having a folder just like her sister's. Her folder primarily helps me see how we're doing, since it would be too easy to ignore her academics and focus on the more pressing 4th grade matters.

And Sweet Pea's folder is packed with coloring pages, alphabet games and cards, number magnets, a small chalkboard, and a list of ideas for other things to keep her busy. She likes to be right with us while we work. Which is sometimes Quite Nice and sometimes a Bother, but that's life with Sweet Pea anyway.

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It's working for us! Check out other things that work over at We are That Family.


Kelly said...

I love the new look, especially the Pride and Prejudice up there! :)

Kelly @ In Everything said...

thanks for the idea:) I really like this and workboxes.... just trying to figure out how to organize it from my side:)

Appreciate your post... nice to see different ways of organizing kids' daily work. And my 6 yr old is ready to see what needs to be done each day and have the felxibility with individual work:)

Amy said...

Nice. I think this would work well for Dale when he gets a little older.

amyswandering said...

I will be using the same folders this year for my kids' weekly work. You have some good ideas!

Amy said...

Ok, Love the idea! What is the Big Box Store? and where is one locally?

I think this would work GREAT for Ethan especially but just like you, Kellen would want one too!

Care Net Milwaukee said...

I would like to know what the brand name is. . . I am searching for these folders for work, I only need one or two, but cannot seem to find them ANYWHERE! Please help!

Care Net Milwaukee said...

I have been looking for these folders for over two years. . . could you let us know what brand they are so we can do a search?
Hopefully, they still sell them in my area.

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