Friday, August 20, 2010

Nesting, Of a Sort

Baby Girl #4 isn't even here yet, but we can blame her for some fairly serious house work going on around here (nothing quite as serious as the full bathroom remodel, however. Not yet...). As we discussed how to squeeze another little one into our small two bedroom house, it became quite obvious that some things were going to have to go.

Some things like: our couch and love seat set in our living room. These were accordingly sold (on Craiglist) for a mere fraction of what we paid for them nine years ago, but hey, I never really liked them anyway and getting anything for them was kind of a bonus. The people who bought the couches asked Prince Charming if he had anything else he wanted to sell. He was tempted, so he says, to just ask, "See anything else you like?" He did not, of course, say that, although it would have been one way to declutter, I must admit.

So then we needed a new couch. We looked around a bit but the space constraints really made us realize how HUGE most furniture is. I guess people need huge stuff to fill their huge, empty houses, but that sounds kind of bitter and you probably don't want to hear my opinion about McMansions right now. Anyway, we ended up holding our breath and ordering our new couch from The size was right, it had good reviews, and well, it was affordable. Not to mention the fact that I didn't have to traipse through multiple furniture stores looking at all the same overpriced, overlarge stuff.

So now my husband is assembling our new couch in our living room, we have two chairs waiting to be updated (one needs refinished & covered and one I haven't quite decided what needs to happen), we're thinking about moving one of the bookshelves from our room into the living room, and the girls are helping clean out stuff so Baby Girl can have a drawer or two in their tiny room for her clothes.

Like I said: nesting. I may post pictures some other time, if everything looks right and if I remember to get the camera out. Instead of a picture, for now just imagine a tiny two bedroom house with the contents all dumped out every which way.


Lisa said...

I'd love to see pictures of the new couch! Very exciting

Pastor David Pitman said...

The couch is beautiful and functional. What more could you ask?

Amy said...

We had a family member tell us recently that if we have any more kids we'll need a bigger house. Umm... yeah. Thanks. (We have a 3 bedroom, 1 bath of average to small size.) Insert eye roll here.

Love Prince C's would-be comment to the buyer. My husband would sell / Goodwill us out of just about anything!

Josh Healy said...

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