Monday, August 9, 2010

Deep Thoughts With Tigger

Our first week of school went very well. We're trying a few new things (which I really must blog about when I get a minute).

Tigger seems to enjoy First Grade. She's reading a lot more and she's actually excited to "do school".

Last night in church Tigger asked me to open her Bible to the passage her Granddad had announced as his text. Then she sat there, quietly sounding out random words on the page.

"Mom, this says, 'God'," she whispered to me, pointing to the word.

"Yes," I whispered back. (Hey, don't judge. She was paying attention and trying to read along!)

She looked over the page a little longer. "He wrote His name all in this book," she whispered, shaking her head a little bit.

And I thought, how is that a five year old can say such profound things?

Because, you know, she's right. He wrote His name all in His book and He did it for our benefit.

Sometimes the sermons come from the small person sitting in the pew next to us.