Friday, July 23, 2010

What's Going On Around Here

1. We are busy prepping, preparing, planning, plotting - sorry got a "P" kick there for a minute: I am closely related to two Baptist pastors after all, and alliteration is our best friend - for the upcoming week of Junior Camp. By "week" I mean 4 fun-filled packed days. And by "Junior" I mean 40-50 members of the 7-12 year old age group, including our own Polly. (This is Polly's second or third year as an official camper. She's wanted to be a camper since she was, oh, 3 or so. Tigger, on the other hand, is not really interested. Her first official week will come next summer.)

2. The Bear earned his black belt in Tae Kwon Do this morning. He's playing it pretty cool but we're all super proud and excited for him. We forgot the camera but my mom has a picture up on her blog if you'd like to check it out.

3. School planning is also pretty much complete. I'll still have to fill out the necessary forms and jump through the ridiculous bureaucratic hoops our state imposes but that's pretty much it. The plans are made, optimistic though they may be, considering I have two official students (Polly - 4th grade & Tigger - 1st grade), a preschool dynamo (that'd be the child formerly known as Sweet Pea) and a new baby due at the end of September. Should be an interesting school year, to say the least.

4. Amy asked when a picture of little ol' pregnant me would be posted. To which I answer: well, if we ever take one I'll let you know. I do not do the "belly shot" thing. And I pretty much avoid cameras whether I'm pregnant or not. And my ankles have returned to their natural shape (although they will most likely swell up during camp, again). So there will be no photo evidence of that particular phenomenon.

5. In other pregnancy news: we only have 9 weeks to go. It occurred to me just the other day that we actually have to get ready for a new human being to come live with us. I mean, I've enjoyed being pregnant and I love feeling the baby respond to me or her sisters' voices, but not long from now she will be out. We're definitely not ready for that yet. And no, she isn't named yet, not that we'd share the choice even if she were. Prince Charming and I have some serious pow-wowing to do on that subject, once camp is over.


MacKenzie said...

I think I'll be taking your "belly shot" stance next time. I did them because I felt like I was supposed to but I look awful in all of them. I love looking at others though - why do they look cute but I look like I'm on drugs?

Also, I get my black belt in high school so I know what is involved with that. Pass on a congratulations to Bear, it's a big accomplishment.

Kelly said...

If you are going to so unfair as to not let me pick the new baby's name, can I at least pick her blog name? No? Alright. I'm sure both will be beautiful. :)

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