Monday, July 12, 2010


Church campin', to be more exact. And while there will be some fishing, you can be sure that I will not be one of those pursuing that activity. Nor will I, technically, be camping. There are dormitories. And a very nice cafeteria. And running water. And, in some buildings, air-conditioning. I know, I know. We have it so rough.

Pray for the teenagers and adults involved this week: for physical health (sunburns, spider bites, ankle sprains, etc. all being not much fun and have happened in recent camp years) and for spiritual growth in everyone involved (the real reason our church does this).

Be back soon!

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Vicky said...

AWWW, Yes! The church camps have started! I always LOVED going to church camp (as an adult - only had the opportunity once when I was 17 as a kid)! Pray there are many decisions for Christ in this and the upcoming weeks!

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