Friday, July 23, 2010

Shaping Up Polly's School Year

Polly (currently 8, will be 9 in December, doing 4th grade work):

Bible: memorize 8 scripture passages I've chosen along with a few sundry lists of other things she needs to know.

Poetry: 5 poems from her grammar book (there would be 6 but she already knows one of them)

Grammar: First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind Level 4. We love FLL!

Cursive: Pentime Cursive 3. We've been lax in this area in the past and are hoping to improve this year. Polly is left handed and that always throws me a little bit. She has two pen-pals that live in France and that has helped some, but we're hoping for improvement this school year.

Math: Saxon 5/4. Math is not Polly's favorite subject. We play a lot of board games, card games, computer games, etc. in addition to our math curriculum so that math is not just "book work".

History: The Story of the World 4: The Modern Age. We plan to spend some extra time on the American Civil War and gloss over some of the end chapters of this book. This will complete a four year cycle on history so at the end of this year Polly will have studied (chronologically) the Ancients through our Modern Age. Hooray! We've loved these books and I highly recommend them, especially when used with the activity guides. We also keep a Book of Centuries (notebook type timeline).

Science: Physics Experiments for Children by Muriel Mandell. We've followed the recommendations from The Well-Trained Mind, so this will complete a four year cycle of science (Life Science, Earth Science & Astronomy, Chemistry, Physics) Polly will be keeping an experiment notebook.

Latin: We need to finish up Prima Latina before moving on to Latina Christiana 1. Polly and I enjoy doing Latin together but if a subject has to drop, this is always the one.

Art: Picture study a la Charlotte Mason (6 different artists - chosen by me, 6 works by each artist). Polly keeps a sketch book and her dad has promised to teach her some better techniques. Now she just has to hold him to it!

Music: Piano lessons and informal composer study. We listen to a lot of music in this house. We also sing both privately and publicly, so I don't worry about this as a "subject" very much.

Other: we have a French program now but we'll see if we add it or not. Polly is a voracious reader so I don't worry much about that. There are books she'll need to read along with our History curriculum and a few classics I want her to tackle this year (Heidi, Caddie Woodlawn, Just So Stories, for instance) but again, it's not a big concern. She also enjoys Dance Mat Typing (an online typing game offered by the BBC) but it's not on our official schedule. As far as P.E. goes, we have a Wii (that does count these days, right?), my kids play outside most days, and Polly is working on earning her purple belt in Tae Kwon Do.

This post is linked up over at Kris's Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers. I just hope I'm not too tempted by what everyone else is doing!


Catherine said...

Good luck! It looks like a fun year!

Giggly Girls said...

Looks like a great year! We're about to start FLL level 4 as well. We love it. I can't believe how many LA programs I tried before I found that and The Complete Writer series. Too many. LOL

Amy said...

I am always interested to see your curriculum choices. Too bad Dale isn't a 4th grader... I'd just send him to your school. :)

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