Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What's Going On Around Here

1. More Birthdays! Today is my brother-in-law's birthday. Alas, I have no baby pictures. Look at my pictures of Fen and then imagine a little boy with slightly darker hair around 20 years ago and that should do the trick.

Tomorrow is my Papaw's birthday (that would be my paternal grandfather). I'm not posting a baby picture of him either.

Thursday is Fen's First Birthday. Yep, the cutest little bundle of perpetual motion evah is the big 0-1. Large extravaganza to come this weekend. I probably will post about this again Thursday. After all, Fen deserves his own post.

2. Vacation Bible School! Started last night and the girls! are! so! excited! This is causing a few new parenting challenges but also some good "assists". For instance, Tigger really did not want to go to bed last night (imagine a thoroughly tired but completely over excited Tigger. Are you imagining it? It's not good news at bedtime) she was in the beginning stages of some fit throwing when I told her, "If you fuss about this and Daddy and I have to come back in this room when you should be asleep, I will tell your teacher tomorrow that you do not get your good behavior point." [we have a "store" at our VBS where points can be spent]

Worked like a charm. (Side note: I would have carried out this threat to speak to her teacher, but I suspect her teacher would give her the point anyway. Teachers always think Tigger is so sweet, so cute, and so quiet. That perception is correct a lot of the time, of course, and I hate to disillusion them about the rest of the time.)

3. Lulu came for a visit and has now returned home. I'm happy she came but not happy she had to go again. I don't think I got to see her enough. I was inclined to be pouty about this, but I know she did her best to make everybody happy in the short time she had. And right in the middle of her visit we had all sorts of company so it was like a reunion around here most of the time.

4. Fun Times in General. But I think you can see that already. And now, two actual conversations that took place in the past few days.

Sunday morning: Prince Charming had gone to church early with Pastor Dad so I drove the girls to church. Sweet Pea, as we pulled up, saw a tall guy walking toward our van. "Daddy!" she said. But it wasn't. And as he drew closer she realized it.

"That's not my daddy," she told us. "That's not anybody's daddy." I can't possibly replicate on a blog the tone of her voice. She was correct, by the way. The man walking by is one of our church's bachelors: no wife, no kids. For some reason these statements completely cracked her sisters (and me, of course) up.

And in the midst of all this busy activity, Polly came upon me applying a bit of makeup (note: I do not wear much makeup, honest!). "Why do you use that?" She asked.

"Mostly so I don't look tired all the time," I told her. *long pause*

"You still look tired," she said.

I wonder why that would be.


Lisa said...

This deserve a laugh out loud written out

Pastor said...

You might just need a nap. ;)

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