Monday, June 14, 2010

Water, Water, Everywhere

In order to celebrate the end of VBS we decided to spend Saturday...wait for up a flooded basement.

Let's face the facts: water does not belong in my basement unless it's in my washing machine or water heater.

Seeing as it was the end of VBS I had intended to sleep in Saturday morning. The only thing on my Saturday agenda was the Fennec's First Birthday Pool Party Extravaganza in the afternoon. It was dark and stormy, perfect sleeping conditions.

Until your husband comes in and tells you the basement is flooding and he's off to visitation. "See you later!"

Not happy times. Polly helped me go down and assess the damage. It wasn't good and, since it was still raining outside, water was still coming inside.

We started the clean up process downstairs and upstairs (after a week of VBS our house looked like...OK, just use your imaginations as no suitable analogy springs to mind). Polly and I were washing clothes and putting them away to rescue them from the water. Tigger and Sweet Pea were supposed to be putting toys and books away in their room. (Sample dialog from Tigger: "WHY oh why am I the only one picking up. I always have to do all the work in this house!" Not very wise on her part, under the circumstances.)

Then Prince Charming came home and it stopped raining and we made it to Fen's party. A good time was had by all except for the fact that swimming was canceled. Water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to swim in. 

Then we brought our sugared up girls home and re-started clean up. Two children earned themselves tickets to naptime. By the end of the afternoon things were in slightly better shape (and by "things" I mean actual things, the children, and myself).

I haven't been down there yet this morning - it's been raining again - but I sincerely hope there won't be any need for special gear. And the girls are agitating for their little swimming pool and their new slip 'n' slide (courtesy of the VBS prize store) to be set up.

You'd think they would have had enough of water by now. I know I have.

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Lisa said...

Yuck! I hated when I'd walk down to our basement and see water coming from the was never good. Oh how I don't miss those days. I hope you're able to get everything cleaned up without too much damage.

P.s. Tell Tigger I understand- I was always the only one cleannig anything up :)

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