Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Post I Should Have Written Yesterday

So yesterday I wrote a long post about some things that have been bugging me. I tried to finish it off on a positive note but when I hit publish it didn't work. One of the kids had accidentally disconnected the modem. We reconnected it but the last time my post had saved was early in the writing and I didn't feel like writing it all again.

Maybe God was trying to tell me something because I think it's much better that I didn't publish it. Writing it was cathartic but publishing it would have been too much.

There was one point of annoyance in the post, however, that I would like to state again as kindly as I can (and this is not directed at any one person but it seems to keep coming up):

We are not disappointed that Baby Girl #4 is Baby Girl #4 (name yet to be determined...). We do not live in China (where the 1 child policy has so heavily favored boys that the future of the country is in doubt). Our girls have all been blessings and this little one is no different. We can't wait to meet her in person.

I can't wait because, depending on her mood, I feel like I'm carrying either
a) a monkey
b) an octopus
c) an entire dance troupe

And yet the ultrasound has assured us that there is only one little baby girl in there.

I suspect this means she will be a quiet, docile baby just so that I look like a liar when I say that I do not remember any of the other girls (yes, even Sweet Pea) being this active.

To sum up:
Baby Girl = good, exciting, blessing
Crazy intrauterine antics = slightly worrying but also exciting


Pastor said...

Well said. I do not understand people who want to insult God for His obvious providences.


Pastor Dad

Amy said...

As a mom of 3-of-a-kind (with not an opposite gender born in to the family in generations), I hear ya. Sure, it'd be great fun to have a girl around here, but a 4th boy (not that there is anyone on the way) would be a blessing!
Ditto to Pastor Dad, as well.

Karabeth said...

I've found that writing down my angry thoughts is helpful but even more so when Providence intervenes to keep that writing from going public. The grievances that remain known only to the Lord and me help me see His answers more clearly.

I'm looking forward to being the Gram of Baby Girl #4. Well, I already am her Gram, but I can't wait to make the introductions! :)

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