Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Storytime and Why We Ditched It

News flash: VBS is over so summer is officially started. (OK, not "officially" but really, it might as well be declared). This means I am looking for ways to keep the girls from driving me nuts actively employed.

Yes, we homeschool so they are used to being home all day. Yes, they are used to entertaining themselves, generally. However, Summer days seem long and I don't like them to spend all day inside pestering me and each other.

So yesterday they played in the water outside for 2+ hours on the new slip 'n' slide and their old inflatable pool. Bliss, until Mommy and Daddy "ruined everything" by telling them they had to clean up and come inside for supper. Yeah, we're mean like that.

Today I had the brilliant idea of taking the girls to the library. (Fairly common occurrence for us, of course.) I realized that preschool story time just happened to be today at 10:30 so I rushed the girls into the van. We were all dressed and awake though my hair was still wet. We would make it despite all that.

Once in the library, the big girls took off to the kids' section and I took Sweet Pea into story time. Bad Parent Confession Time: it's been awhile since we did story time. Maybe like when Polly was little? Anyway, my memory was hazy.

Now story time when I was a kid involved books, yes, but also Punch and Judy puppet shows, games, fingerplays and music. And, most importantly, there were no parents. The two librarians managed to handle the group of children just fine on their own. Which meant the frazzled moms had about 30 minutes to go read a magazine, browse the books, or just sit in the peace and quiet. (Because libraries were quiet back then, remember?)

Not so today, my friends. The moms / nannies / grandmas sit behind the children for the entire program. The children are supposed to sit in a circle but really they walk around the room and talk almost constantly (The moms / nannies / grandmas do not stop this type of behavior so why are they there?). The librarian attempts to quiet everyone down every so often. He reads the book and solicits the children's input on what is happening in the story and whether they've done things like that before picking up the next book.

Sweet Pea made it through two stories of this before coming back over to me (sitting on the floor by the door, longing to be out of there) and telling me, "I'm ready to go now." That made two of us.

So we ditched story time and I had time to browse the books and movies before everything got too picked over. And my children enjoyed their time in the kids' section and picked up their reading program prizes. (Student volunteer, after checking Polly's record: "Wow. You must really  like to read." Polly: "It's my favorite thing to do." Student volunteer: "That's really great! I don't hear that too often." At a library?!)

Yes, we're going again next Tuesday. There are supposed to be fire trucks and firefighters there to talk about fire safety and older kids are invited. Maybe parents will be excused.

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Tarah said...

Was that story time at the M'boro library? Because I vaguely remember the puppet shows. I used to LOVE story time! :)

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