Friday, June 4, 2010

A Bible Study Suggestion

I just finished up a Bible Study that I just have to recommend to you. I had read the book written by Elizabeth George several years ago. This year, as I prayed about possibly sharing a bible study time with others from our church, I decided this book was the one I wanted to share. So recently several of the ladies from our church went through this work book and DVD curriculum with me. It challenged, inspired and encouraged me (and I hope the other ladies were too!).

It's 10 sessions (we did it in 9 due to other time constraints) and has 5 days of homework for each session. I consider it well worth the time. (I did the homework part in 15-20 minutes a day, usually. A few sections seemed to take longer or that could have just been me slowing down.)

Now I'm busy picking out the next Bible study for us to tackle this fall.

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Amy said...

Hey.... I think I may have that book already on my shelf. I'm going to look and see! Thanks for the suggestion. :)

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