Monday, May 24, 2010

Random Monday

1. LOST is over. I have many emotions about this - more than a TV show really deserves. I think the primary one is relief. That and the resolve to NEVER watch another Cuse / Lindelof show should there be one.

2. Lulu is coming home tomorrow. Tomorrow! Hooray! For a week. Boo! But we'll take what we can get! And my exclamation point is stuck in permanent mode!

3. Good friends from TN are also coming for a visit this weekend. Hooray again! I'm not sure I can stand all the excitement. [insert wry smile emoticon here]

4. Prince Charming and the girls went on a father / daughter road trip last Thursday. I was home alone for three days and two nights. Yes, I missed them very much but yes, it was also kind of awesome. I played the piano a lot. Read. Cleaned without "help". Tidied up without the usual three person destruction crew following along behind me. Stayed up way too late. Watched musicals. Went out with a friend without needing a sitter. Tagged along with Mom and Dad.

5. I've decided single people have pets so they don't feel crazy when they talk to themselves.

6. My birthday was very nice, thank you. Now the deliberations on what to do with my birthday loot. I'll take suggestions. Any books I should buy? Movies I must own?


Vicky said...

Book suggestion (however, YOU have probably already read them:)
How about the Jesus Chronicles by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins?
I just finished "Luke" and am getting ready to read "Mark."

Karabeth said...

The Bear just cleaned out his bookshelf and is giving up "The Borrowers." Isn't that one that you said you didn't read as a child? Well, here's your chance. And then you can spend that birthday loot on books that you won't be sharing with your children. :)

Lisa said...

I'm not single, but I still have dogs for when Dan's not home :). Hey- you have to have someone to talk to, right?

P.s. I'm very happy to be home for these few days!

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