Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Cautionary Tale

Prince Charming and I, being the Planners that we are, had already decided on our favorite baby name for a girl or boy before we even got married. This may seem unusual but we talked about pretty much everything before we were married. Names were important to me and I wanted to be sure we were on the same page.

Turns out, we were. We both loved the name we would eventually give our oldest daughter.

Now it just so happens that the names we liked both started with the same letter. This letter is a bit more uncommon for names (in other words it's not "A" or "J". There must be a million names starting with J. Just ask the Duggars).

Second pregnancy rolled around. Of course we still liked the same name for a boy. But we had to think about the potential girl name. As it turns out, we both really liked another name that started with the same letter. So, heedless of the danger, we bestowed that name on our little Tigger.

Now an interesting thing happens as a couple grows and matures. Some of our ideas about families have been in place since our dating days (we agreed we would homeschool, that I would stay home, that Prince Charming would be pursuing a non-traditional career path, that we would live within our means - no matter what those means were). Some of our ideas have changed slightly since those days. Back then Prince Charming thought he was making a concession when he agreed to consider three children.

These days he's just hoping we can hold off buying that "white conversion" (you Tim Hawkins fans get it) as long as possible.

Baby Girl #3 got a slightly more unusual name starting with the same letter as her older sisters. We talked about naming her something else, but we didn't want her to feel left out. After all, what if she was our last child? (Perhaps I should mention that her name is unusual in the U.S. but not overseas. When we went to Scotland last year we got several, "Oh, I love that name!" type comments) With this baby we kept her name to ourselves until after she was born, the theory being that once those people who loved us were holding her in their arms, they wouldn't care about the name so much. (One set of my grandparents tried to pump Polly for information right before Sweet Pea was born. Foiled! We specifically did not talk about baby names around Polly because we knew she'd spill the entire discussion to anyone who asked her!)

It didn't really occur to me at the time but later I was writing out all their names and realized something: not only do their names all start with the same letter, they also have the same number of letters. (6)

Do you begin to see the corner we've painted ourselves into? There are, by my count, about six more names that fit that criteria. None of which just jump out at us shouting, "Name Baby #4 this!" And there are few more names that start with the same letter but have a different number of letters in them. Some of those we like but we are not exactly in agreement over which.

Baby Girl #4 is going to stay "Baby Girl #4" for awhile, is what I'm saying.


MacKenzie said...

I think that is how the Duggars got started with the J names too. They just liked the first three then didn't feel they could leave that "maybe the last one" out.

Good luck deciding though. I'm sure whatever you pick it will end up being the perfect name for her, it always seems to work out that way.

Elisabeth said...

I don't even know your kids' real names!!

Anonymous said...

You forgot to tell the people that their middle names are one syllable names as well! It might seem like a tight corner, but really it makes it easier, you don't even have to consider names beginning with any other letter:) I'm sure you will come up with another beautiful name, you've got 140 days to decide! Also wondering if the favorite boy names (1,2,&3) also meet the first letter, 6 letters, 1 syllable middle name criteria?

Kelly said...

Wasn't there something about princesses too? I've told you my favorite, but if that one doesn't pass inspection you always have Rosie. ;)

Karabeth said...

I'm with Kelly. I'm calling her Rosie now no matter what!

Try not to lose any sleep over this. Baby Girl #4 will supply enough loss of sleep without adding her name to the list of reasons why.

You've done fine with the others so no matter what name you give her, we'll all adapt and so will Baby.

(I think this is a good time to change Sweet Pea's name to Buster. She just keeps on giving us reasons why! :) )

Amy said...

Oh, I hear you on this one. Kudos to you guys for at least making it to baby #4... we ran aground on #3.
We had intentionally avoided using the same starting letter with #2, and so then we had two beginning letters to avoid with #3.

But #s 1 & 2 both have the same number of letters, both have an 'L' in the middle, and both names were way popular in the 1950s. We tried to make all that match with #3, but all we ended up with was the 'L' in the middle.

Oh - and he wasn't named until about 2 weeks before he was born because we/I kept changing our/my mind. I joke (except I'm only sort of joking) that the only reason he has the name he does is because that was the name-of-the-week when he was born!

Good luck!

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