Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Valuable Medical Advice of the Day

I am still pregnant. I do not take that blessing lightly, I assure you. The baby's heartbeat was, and I quote, "Good."

So there's that.

As I previously mentioned, I did not see my regular doctor, by which I mean the doctor I saw at my first appointment. No, that would be too easy. Because I liked her and she actually listened to me and answered my questions.

This doctor was older. An older man, to be precise, with white hair and a twinge of a European accent. Now my primary care physician is an older man. I like him and he's a good doctor. But for my O.B. I - just to be completely honest - prefer a woman. My reasoning: I'd like someone who has either 1.) actually been pregnant herself or 2.) is biologically constructed to possibly be pregnant at some point.

The fact that the doctor today was a man didn't necessarily mean nothing good would come of the visit. As I said, I got to hear that priceless "swish swish" heartbeat again, so that was good.

But that was the only good thing about my visit. This man asked me if I had felt the baby yet. I said something along the lines of, "I'm not sure. I kind of thought I did yesterday." I find being too confident about these sorts of questions is likely to get you handed a kick count chart and I'm not ready for that yet.

"No," he said. "18-20 weeks. That's when you start feeling the baby." (Side note: I am officially 17 weeks pregnant.) Then why did he ask me in the first place? (Side note #2: this is my 4th pregnancy. I'm positive I've felt at least one of my babies by this point. Tigger, if I recall correctly - no surprise there.)

He asked if I had any questions after his perfunctory measuring of my stomach and quick listen to the heartbeat. I started to explain this horrific cold I've had for the LAST TWO WEEKS.

"Sudafed or Afrin nasal spray," he suggested. Um, yes, I've been alternating those for the LAST TWO WEEKS.

"And what about the stuff in my chest?" I asked. Predictable answer: Robitussin cough syrup. Yup, same as I'd been doing for, you guessed it, the LAST TWO WEEKS.

But the real kicker, the reason those doctors make the big bucks and are so lofty and high above us all came at the end. "Some hot tea at night would probably help," Mr. Makes More Money Than I Ever Will and Has a Fancy-Pants Medical Degree Doctor said.

Yes, that's right. Hot Tea. You heard it here first, folks.

Maybe if I hadn't been drinking hot green tea, hot red tea, hot chai tea, and generally all the forms of hot decaf tea I can get my hands on for the LAST TWO WEEKS I wouldn't feel so sarcastic right now.


Kelly said...

I can't offer any real medical advice, but I can tell you that the baby in your sidebar most definitely grew from 162 Days To Go to 161 Days To Go. She's getting cuter. :)

Amy said...

Um. I have no idea what to say to that whole 'have you felt the baby' thing.

Yes... WHY did he ask??? And it greatly concerns me that he seems to be under-informed. You most definitely COULD have felt a little peanut in there by 17 weeks into a 4th pregnancy! Hello!


(P.S. - My OB is a white-headed old-school dude that delivered ME. I dread the day he retires!) :)

MacKenzie said...

At least he advised tea. When my morning sickness was at it's worst, my doctor told me to keep drinking Sprite to gain weight! I'm pretty sure babies don't thrive on sugar water.

I know there are a lot of wonderful doctors out there, but there are also a fair share of not-so-bright ones too. I applaud you for not throwing a tea cup at his head.

Amy said...

First of all CONGRATULATIONS!! I had no idea my cousin was pregnant again!! Yay!! You need a boy this time LOL If you get another girl..will you consider a swap? Hee Hee

When one of the OB's (the last one I ever wanted to deliver my baby) in my practice broke my water with Kellen (middle child) I said "ouch" and she said "that couldn't of hurt" What??? I'm sorry, how could YOU possibly know that? Miss I-Have-Zero-Personality-which-matches-my-bedside-manner! Afterwards Alex said "I was so glad you gushed all over her when she broke your water and said that! LOL

I am so excited for you!! I also didn't know you had a blog...I am following it now! Love you all!

Karin said...

I worked in hospital settings and over the years have found quite a few female OB docs to be most unsympathetic and some even harsh!Almost like, because I've had babies without incident, so can you!!! Now female Pediatricians were totally different!

Trust you're feeling better soon! Enjoy your tea until the baby starts sitting on your bladder, lol!

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