Tuesday, April 13, 2010

In Which I Whine A Bit

I have the cold from you know where. It will not go away. Generally speaking, I tend to be leery of medicine under normal circumstances but that's especially true when I'm harboring a helpless little soul inside me. I've had to break down and take what my O.B. recommends a few times but (le sigh) it's not really helping.

So I have an O.B. appointment tomorrow, though not with my regular doctor, and I'm hoping I can convince him / her that the rudolph look is not my usual face and this stuff coming out of my lungs and sinuses is not normal and for heaven's sake (OK, really for my sake) please give me something to get. rid.of. it. yesterday.

And in further whining news, Prince Charming is away for a few days. For a good reason and with good people but still, he's away. From us. From me.

You can probably tell that I don't like it. Not one little bit.

I try to tell myself to be thankful he isn't, oh, I don't know, deployed to the big sandy spot or something but that only works during the day. At night my self-motivational speaker goes on break.

So for the first time in four pregnancies I will be marching myself to a doctor's appointment on my own. Due to the, ahem, clientele at the clinic I visit, I will most likely be oh so casually waving my ring finger around tomorrow morning, if that can be done casually. (Let's just say married folks having babies after the vows are a rarity at this office and leave it at that)

Now to get back to single parenting. Sweet Pea and Tigger may stage a coup before the day is out. Constant vigilance is required but I'd really rather take a nap.


Lisa said...

I hope you feel better soon! I'd go with you to your appointment if I could :)

Kelly said...

I'll take the girls and you can rest. They're always angelic for me! (Somehow this sounds more fun for me than for you, but just ignore that part.) :)

ginellebaskin said...

So sorry you're sick and that Philip is away! Being sick when you're pregnant is rough enough. Praying you get well soon.

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