Monday, April 19, 2010

If Only There Were Two of Me

I'm living a double life for the next two weeks. So far all this has involved is being two places at one time, being responsible for keeping the food supply adequate for a teenage boy, coaxing two dogs into being buddies, and a level of planning last seen when Ike gathered the generals to prepare for the invasion of Fortress Europe.

Today, feeling optimistic, I ventured to the library with my crew, The Bear, and Fen in tow. The girls all hit the movies and books, The Bear found a few movies to his liking, and Fen tried to taste anything in reach. He particularly enjoyed the children's section with the low tables and chairs. Not because he wanted to sit in the chairs, but because he enjoyed beating a persistent percussive rythym while his cousins piled up books.

Tomorrow we're venturing downtown. Look out, world!


Lisa said...

Sounds exciting and fun..... Weren't the girls living up at mom's house this time last year as well? :)

Vicky said...

I really miss the libraries from Ohio! We spent LOTS of time in all of them!

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