Thursday, April 22, 2010

Double Life, Continued

Well, our week is continuing on. Today we finish the last of our babysitting obligations for the week by adding (though not necessarily at the same time) three more children to the mix.

The Bear was sweet enough to ask me if I could handle it without him (he's going to a ballgame tonight). I gave him permission to go but I was impressed that he's trying to be so helpful. Now, if Prince Charming decides to take off too, we may have a leetle bit of a problem.

Tuesday we went Downtown and hit the theatre. The Bear hadn't been to a play in a few years but he agreed that this one was pretty good. The girls have been singing the songs ever since. (Polly's favorite: "Painting a Fence is Art". Can anyone guess what the play might have been?)

After the play, we all went home to let the dogs run for a few minutes before heading off to Grandma's house. (Incidentally, it's Grandpa's house too but I've noticed we always call it "Grandma's". Go figure.) Fun was had by all. And Grandpa and Grandma took us out to eat and there was so much food the Bear actually couldn't eat it all. I am all astonishment.

Yesterday we suffered the first casualties of our occupation: Sweet Pea, being quite a bit less than Sweet, broke one of the snow globes that sits in her Gram and Grandad's bedroom. No, she was not supposed to touch it at all. Yes, she broke it on the bed. And yes, it was quite a mess.

Then, while playing outside, the Bear's dog got a little too excited about having new playmates around and knocked Polly down, thereby scratching up Polly's stomach. This necessitated yelling at the dog (who, I'm sure, had no idea why we were mad) and patching up Polly (there was no blood but the angry looking scratches were treated and a band-aid applied "just in case")

I have laundry running in two different houses, I started calling the wrong phone number the other day, and I've already been to the grocery two times since Monday.

All in all, I'd say things are going pretty well.


Karabeth said...

You seem to be handling everything so well that I may just run away from home. Just kidding.

Any $$ left on that grocery card that I left? Perhaps

Karabeth said...

(Stupid hand-held gadgets! Couldn't possibly be operator error.) :)

That word "Perhaps" wss supposed to say, "Perhaps I underestimated the amount of money I spend in 2 weeks time when it comes to feeding the Bear." If you run out of money, save your receipts.

Kelly said...

I know you're going to get tired of me saying this, but boy! Is that baby in the sidebar growing or what?!


Vicky said...

Glad to hear everyone is (basically) surviving the vacation!

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