Thursday, April 29, 2010

Coming to the End of Double Life

Our double life continues for only one more day. Some of our number have made it quite clear that they are done, D-O-N-E, with this two week alteration of our normal habits.

Now, for those of you inclined to worry about this, I assure you that this does not include the Bear. He has been glad to have us around and we've had a great time with him. Have I mentioned that he is such a great kid? Because he is. I'd like to take credit for that, but considering I left home when he was four years old, I'm not sure I can. But if those 4 years count for something, and if Prince Charming's continued influence on his young brother-in-law counts for something more (which I'm inclined to think it surely does), then maybe we can take a teensy bit of credit.

Or it could just be good genetics. (Pastor Dad and Mom did a great job with me so it's no surprise that the Bear is turning out so well. I kid, I kid.)

So anyway, it isn't the Bear. And it isn't me. Although it will be nice to sleep in my own bed again. And have a working dishwasher - one that isn't my own two hands - again. Little things like that, I'm looking forward to. And it isn't really Prince Charming or two of our girls.

Lulu's dog Onyx has been living with us since January. She has been such an exemplary member of the family since that time, Prince Charming was actually reconsidering his "no dog ever for our family under any circumstances except in Lulu's dire need" stance.

But alas, no longer. This move up the High Hill has unsettled our borrowed doggy. Three specific "bad dog" behaviors come to mind from the last week or so: trying to run outside without her leash on, getting into the trash can on multiple occasions, and, ahem, "forgetting" that she's been housebroken for upwards of 5 years, also on multiple occasions. None of these things have happened at our house. We figure it's her oh so not subtle way of telling us that she does not like sharing the dog spotlight with the High Hill dog. And she prefers her spot on our couch in our living room where she can watch the street. And she doesn't like the High Hill dog trying to get her food. And so on. (Of course, due to our limited experience with dogs, we could be completely wrong about her motivations.)

We only hope she is so happy to be back at our house that all this stuff stops. If it doesn't, I forsee her spending a lot of time in the outside kennel.

As to the other member of the family? Well, that would be Tigger. She is no longer content with the High Hill House toys and the few she brought from home. She does not really want to play with the little girls next door any more. And she definitely, absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, does not want to sleep even ONE MORE NIGHT up here. She wants her own bed in her own room with her own stuff.

The meltdown occured last night. Polly was already asleep and Sweet Pea was getting close (and, I might add, it was already quite late) but Tigger informed us that she would not be sleeping here and she could not sleep here and further, if we didn't take her home RIGHT NOW she would probably not sleep ever again and also she would not speak to us again and did we realize that we are the meanest parents ever in the history of the world? This was all said at high pitch with accompanying screaming which I cannot describe unless you have seen Tigger have one of her meltdowns, which can only be described as spectacular.

After attempting, in many and various ways, to calm her down or readjust her attitude or just stop the screaming, we moved her out to the rocking chair in the living room. We turned out the lights (light shone in from the yard so don't think we were leaving her in the dark. Contrary to Tigger's opinion at the time, we are not actually the meanest parents ever) and handed her favorite blanket to her.

"Fine. You can stay up all night in the rocking chair. You don't have to sleep." We told her that we were going to bed (not strictly true, as we were not going to sleep but actually going to watch a movie with the Bear in our room) but that she was welcome to stay up as long as she pleased, as long as she stayed in the rocking chair.

The screaming stopped. We started our movie. Half way through the movie I went to check on her. She was sound asleep so I carried her to bed. This morning she told me, "I was surprised when I woke up in bed. I was so tired last night."

Yeah, no kidding. We still have tonight to look forward to, but I'm hoping for better things. They used to say lightning doesn't strike twice in the same place. They lied, of course. But I'm hoping maybe it's true for Tigger and even if it isn't, we're going home tomorrow.


Elisabeth said...

If I don't hear, "you're mean" at least once in a day, something is wrong in our house!! But I always say if they think I'm mean I must be doing something right! =)

Vicky said...

And I remember the mean parents days, too! This, too, shall pass! Thanks for the memories!

Karabeth said...

We thought we were the meanest parents in the world. Guess we moved down to second place. We'll need to try harder. :)

Lisa said...

Tell Onyx I said to get her act togeher. What in the world has gotten into her!?!

I think Tigger started to go through some of that while you were away last year. She was definately excited when she could sleep in her own bed

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