Tuesday, March 9, 2010

In Which I Really, REALLY Miss Having a Shower

Well, the great bathroom remodel of 2010 continues. Slowly.

Prince Charming primed and painted the walls last night and today. They really need another coat but Prince Charming is off doing academic things until 11 tonight and I am under strict orders not to do it myself.

So progress, of the slow but steady variety, is being made.

The problem comes in the fact that we are still living without shower or sink. We can handle washing hands in the kitchen sink, as it is approximately six paces away from where the bathroom sink will - eventually - be. And I can wash my hair in the sink. Sure, it's kind of old school and I don't really care for tilting my head upside down - and every other direction - trying to be sure it's all clean and rinsed, but it's doable.

But the absence of a shower! I am  not a bath person. Yes, there are "Bath people" (generally women but there are exceptions) and "Shower people" and it just so happens that Prince Charming and I are both shower people.

Which is why today my beloved called the High Hill folks and begged asked if he could come up and take a shower at their house. They, being the nice people that they are, agreed, even though they were leaving shortly. Yes, they allowed Prince Charming in their home unsupervised. They are, as I mentioned, nice (and possibly too trusting. I'm just sayin').

So he came home refreshed and happy and ready to eat supper (cooked by me, although that is by no means mandatory around here. He's a great cook in his own right) and take off for his Tuesday night classes. In our only vehicle. But not before he said, "You could run up there and get one too. Feels great!"

How helpful. I suppose I could bundle the girls up and WALK the mile or so up the steep hill separating me from my parents' home. In the rain, because, yes it is raining intermittently around these parts today. And in the dark.

But I somehow suspect that would not be - how shall I put this? - refreshing. Or practical.Especially considering that he still has my key to their house. Breaking and entering simply to take a shower? I'm not quite that desperate.



Karabeth said...

I'm home now. Do you need me to come get you? I have a car, a key to my own house, and a shower. :)

Vicky said...

You are not alone.....Our whole family is a "shower" family! I HATE taking baths! I don't like stewing in my own dirt! Can't imagine being without a shower! Hope yours is ready REALLY soon! But, for your sake, I'm sure glad the High Hill folks are super sweet and nice!

Amy said...

Would it be unkind to laugh?
Because I can just imagine your trek up the dark hill in the rain. Nope. Not refreshing at all.
I hope you've been able to enjoy a shower by now!
(I'm a shower person too. I like them HOT!)

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