Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Few Unrelated Things

1. I have five friend requests hanging over my head at Facebook. Please tell me I'm not the only person who can't decide what to do about these things. Everything else I feel comfortable ignoring (farms, mafias, zoos, quizzes, "causes", etc.) But people actually have to put themselves out there to request friendship. And I feel mean when I say no.

Even though I pretty much want to say no to all of the aforementioned friend requests. If we were friends, I would have confirmed it immediately, right?

2. Sweet Pea seems to be more accepting of the whole "new baby" concept now. In her Sunday School class a couple weeks ago all the little girls in the class had new babies coming. Sweet Pea doesn't like to be left out of anything. So she proudly declared we have a new baby too. (Good thing it's true!)

Yesterday while we were driving home from a quick shopping trip (no, the bathroom isn't quite finished yet) Sweet Pea asked us, "So, does this baby have a name?" Answer: not yet. She took it in stride, smugly pointing out, "I have a name."

3. Fen finally had his first tooth poke through. And he nibbled on my hand to show it to me. When I thought he was asleep beside me. Ouch!

4. I need to finish this rambling post because it's time to get the girls up and also time for the Dave Ramsey show. We listen to a lot of Dave around here. The other day Polly was riding in the car with me and listening to the show. After listening to a long hard luck story from a caller (long, long, long) and while waiting to hear what Dave would say once the guy stopped talking, Polly astutely observed, "I don't think Dave is going to say what this man wants him to say." And she was absolutely right.

Now when Tigger wants to get a rise out of Polly, Tigger starts talking about all the credit cards and debt she wants to have when she grows up. Polly is suitably horrified but Tigger confided to me, "I'm just kidding. Debt is bad."

I was glad to hear it. You never know with Tigger.


Jodi said...

Tigger always cracks me up !! lol Your girls are hillarious ... I have a feeling my Miss. B would love playing with them !!!!

And I'm glad to know I'm not the only one having "friend request" problems :P ... I ignored one person and got a hateful reply ... look out! :P

Hope you are feeling good and enjoying Spring weather!!

love ya!

Vicky said...

I agree! The dreaded friend request! I usually accept them, if I know them. I'm rarely on facebook and if I'm interested when I receive the e-mail notification then I respond. If not, I just ignore it!

Dave Ramsey is GREAT!

Love reading your posts!

Pastor said...

Spurgeon said: I have hated debt like Luther hated the Pope."

Pastor Dad

ginellebaskin said...

I'm totally with you on the Facebook friend request thing. I decided my gauge would be--would I recognize this person if I ran into them at Walmart and would we actually acknowledge each other??? If not, I ignore the request.

Kelly said...

Sorry I can't help you with the friend request thing - I ignore more than half of all requests for friendship, and trust me, some just keep coming back.

But as a consolation prize I may have just won you an office full of followers! I was reading this post and I literally laughed out loud at both Sweet Pea's "I have a name." thing and the Tigger/Polly/Dave story. "Debt is bad." I love it!

Lisa said...

Oh how I love those girls (and you too, of course)! You keep me laughing. :) Feel free to send them to me anytime

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