Friday, March 26, 2010

A Challenging Week

Our church is having revival meetings this week so we've been a bit busier than usual. The services are going well - as far as I can tell - and the messages have been challenging.

Know what else has been challenging? Keeping 3 girls in the service. Yes, I realize some of you keep all eight of your children in the service and have since the Sunday after they were born. Go you.

But we don't. Our church has a nursery. Prince Charming and I agreed a long time ago that the nursery is for babies (in our estimation babies - 2 yr olds). So when our girls turn 3, they come to service with us. We both have the foggy parental memory that suggests Polly acclimated pretty easily to this situation. Tigger, well, a little less easily. But she does fine now.

Now it's Sweet Pea's turn. It isn't that she wants to be disobedient, per se, but she doesn't really have a "quiet" setting unless she's asleep. She is chatty. So even while she looks at the little picture books she brought with her to service, she is talking in her best "whisper" imitation. ("Mommy, is this an 'O'? Mommy, look at the little girl!") Her whisper means that only the few rows in front of us and behind us can hear her. I hope.

Occasionally things escalate to the point where Sweet Pea has to go with Daddy to "visit Daddy's office". (Yes, less you think this purely euphemistic, he does have an office at our church.) There the situation is adjusted, Sweet Pea is exhorted to remember that church is not talking time, they might pick up some paper and crayons or something, and they come back in.

Another challenge this week has been getting dressed in the evenings. The girls have plenty of skirts, jumpers and dresses. They have multiple pairs of dress shoes. Their particular challenge comes with finding matching tights. Everyone knows there's another dimension out there hiding all the mismatched socks. I suspect there must be a similar phenomenon for tights. The situation was so dire at one point this week, Polly actually wore a pair of my tights.

This is not as crazy as it sounds. Because I am, ahem, height challenged, and Polly is not.

Which leads me to my own personal challenge. I consider myself a relatively slender person. (And if those of you who know me IRL don't think so, please don't enlighten me!) One of the consequences of being rawther short and rawther small in general, is that changes associated with pregnancy don't take long to show up.

Which means that even though I still fit in many of my regular clothes, I am also "showing". Which has led to a strange mixture of regular clothes and maternity clothes in my closet and dresser, resulting in a few new outfit combos that I would not normally wear. Not to mention the fact that earlier this week it was in the '60's and today it is in the '30's and there is SNOW ON THE GROUND.

See? Challenges.


Karin said...

Oh the memories of the years of raising little ones!

Vicky said...

Yes, I agree with Karin! Give me the grandbabies, please!

MacKenzie said...

Keeping our young children with us in church is one of those "Of course that is the best way to parent" ideas I currently have but I'm 99% sure it NOT be that easy once the time actually arrives. (Don't you hate people like me who think we know everything but don't have kids yet :-)

Amy said...

That time between regular clothes and maternity clothes is quite awkward and challenging. Throw in a changing season in the mix and you are lucky to find much to wear at all!

Even though I can sympathize with the clothing dilemma, I don't show until around 20 weeks! We kept Tyler a secret for a loooong time! :)

Anonymous said...

With Colton I started the mix and match thing at 8 weeks and by 14 weeks I was in all maternity. With this one I started the maternity skirts with the bands as soon as I got a (+)!! I LOVE those skirts, anytime!!!


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