Thursday, February 18, 2010

Things Fen Would Rather Do

A list, in no particular order, of things Fen would rather do than take a much needed nap:

1. Cry indignantly because he can't believe Aunt Karen is so mean.
2. Try to get into the dog food. Try harder to get a bit in his mouth before being caught.
3. Knock all the books off the bottom of the bookshelf.
4. Get stuck under a kitchen chair.
5. Eat a jar of baby food. Get as messy as possible, being sure to wipe sleeve on face before Aunt Karen gets a wash cloth.
6. Drain a baby bottle whilst contorting as much as possible, upside down, sideways, feet in the air, etc.
7. Dump out the toy basket. Ignore all baby toys for something Sweet Pea should not have put in this basket.
8. Sit in the high chair and throw anything in reach to the floor. Laugh. Repeat.
9. Try to get Cousin Polly's attention while she's reading. ("Hey! Why aren't you looking at me?")
10. Be as cute as possible so Aunt Karen will just give up and lay down with me. Sleep soundly until she moves a single muscle.

(By the way, the above picture is not an actual baby bed. It belongs to the girls' dolls but we like putting Fen into things to take pictures of him. It's the only way to keep him from crawling out of the picture.)


ginellebaskin said...

That sounds so much like Luke! Except he's not technically crawling yet, so I can imagine some of those things will be happening here soon too.

Karabeth said...

Whew! I'm glad you clarified that part about the picture being in a doll's Pack and Play. I was afraid he'd turned into Baby Huey since the last time I had him in ours, which was just last week!

Vicky said...

The picture is too cute! Sounds like a typical baby boy to me! :)

Kelly said...

11. Walk around the apartment for hours with Babysitter Kelly. Because you know he didn't get more than ten minutes of sleep when I watched him. :)

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