Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sweet Pea is Three!

Three years ago today, in what has to be one of the quickest and easiest deliveries on record (OK, maybe not but for me it was!), our third little girl joined our family.
She was an easy going baby.
Not quite so easy going as a toddler. But boy, did she have style!
Now our Sweet Pea marches to the beat of a different drum on a regular basis.
And we wouldn't have her any other way.


Getaclue said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea!!!

Vicky said...

Hope she had a special day! They grow up toooo fast!

Karabeth said...

No doubt about it, she is a riot!

One thing about her never changes, though: she's still just as adorable as ever.

Karin said...

Happy Birthday to your little Sweet Pea! Yes, they do grow up so fast!
Our first grandchild - whom I just held in my arms such a short time ago it seems - just turned 15 this month. Yikes! Enjoy!

Amy said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Sweet Pea!! :)

Lisa said...

love love love her! Feel free to send all the girls to me at anytime :)

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