Tuesday, January 26, 2010

That's Harsh!

In order to encourage Polly to develop the daily Bible reading habit we have her read one Proverb or one Psalm every day. Those are manageable passages (well, OK, maybe not Psalm 119...) and keep lists of names or hard to pronounce words to a minimum.

However, the other day I realized that every so often we ought to have her read her scripture portion aloud to us, just to minimize confusion. Polly came to me with her Bible and asked,

"Mom, why does the Bible say it's better to live in the wilderness than with a conscious woman?"


"Um, honey, it doesn't say that," I assured her. I'm pretty sure I'd remember that. So I explained her pronunciation error and what the verse meant.

She was greatly relieved.

(And for those of you who are still wondering what Polly was reading, it's in Proverbs 21. Check it out. )


Vicky said...

LOL! That was a good one! I'm sure there are times when our husbands would agree with Polly's rendition, however! :)

livingonthecreek said...

I'll pass this on to Tim. He may agree with that version better. ;-)

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