Monday, January 4, 2010

In Which I Confess My Internet...Dependence

Sometimes we get a bit of help with our goals (or resolutions, if you like). Today the girls and I started back to regular school days. (Regular? Ha! But um, I mean, as regular as they get for us.) And my nephew, the ever adorable Fen, arrived early (I'd say bright and early but that would be a lie. Nothing bright about it.) because we borrow him on Mondays and Wednesdays.

So, in the understanding that we needed to get off to a good start, I had purposed in my heart to get up when Fen arrived (instead of taking him with me right back to bed the way I have been known, on occasion, to do), to get on with our morning chores, and to start school in a timely and cheerful fashion.

Yes, everything went as planned. I know you're doubting me right now but it is absolutely true. However, it turns out that some resolutions get a little help.

You see, part of doing school work in a timely and cheerful fashion meant my staying off the computer, specifically the (ahem) social-networking features. Even I wasn't sure I could avoid just "dropping by" to check my email.

I shouldn't have doubted myself. This morning and actually well into the day (until about 30 minutes ago, actually) our Internet wasn't working. Wasn't working! At.all.

I'll give you a minute so the horror can sink in...

Consequently, other than Prince Charming's slight attitude problem over the whole thing (true story...) today has been quite productive. At a certain point this afternoon we had five children and one dog in the house yet everything was rolling along as it should. And we'd been done with school for hours.

I plan to avoid the computer tomorrow morning too. But it really isn't necessary for the Internet to disable itself and thus assist me in this. Really.


Lisa said...

Yeah, I always hate when I can't connect to the internet with our neighbors wireless.;) It's always such a bummer to know you CAN'T get on even if you didn't really need to get on in the first place. Glad it's fixed!

Karabeth said...

Sorry we couldn't help you out there. Our Internet was fine but we don't have a cable long enough to reach down the hill.

But if you had to be somewhere else in order to access the Web I'm sure that the library was a good choice since it is a home away from home for you anyway. Yet another reason to like the public library!

Amy said...

The internet is such a time-stealer for me. I always do so much better when I manage to avoid it, especially at the start of my day. But for it to be OUT....and not there if I wanted it or NEEDED it... well that drives me nuts!

Calina said...

Isn't it funny how we've lived without the internet for many years, but now we can't live without it. Myself included! I'm definately addicted!

It is a bummer when it's out. It just seems like it happens when you really NEEDED it for something. LOL!

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