Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Importance of Driveways

For various reasons, Thursday has somehow become the Charming family day of rest. We don't have to get up early for any reason (usually), we keep outside obligations to a minimum, and so on.

This morning Prince Charming and I had really been looking forward to sleeping in. Oh, I know, poor us. I'm not really complaining, I'm just setting the stage. After several early (for us) mornings, our regular insanity inducing children's ministry Wednesday, etc., we thought a good lie in was due.

Have I ever mentioned that we live on a narrow street? A very narrow street. Which becomes even narrower because people park on it. On both sides. We don't, of course, as we have been blessed with two driveways. (On our street, this amounts to an embarrassment of riches as some folks don't even have one.)

I know I've mentioned (once or twice or a million times) that we homeschool. As homeschoolers, we have no need for the local school buses, naturally. If we did, however, Polly would have near door-to-door service because the school bus stops right in front of our house.

It comes quite early in the morning. I don't know if you can tell where this story is heading (maybe nowhere fast, like the bus this morning) but as my beloved and I were snug in our bed (wow - it sure was cold last night!) I heard the school bus pull up. But it didn't leave. I was vaguely awake at this point but Prince Charming was still dead to the world (metaphorically, of course).

Then there was a knock at our front door.

Have I ever mentioned that our front door opens into our bedroom? Prince Charming jumped out of bed (probably still not quite awake) and yanked open the door.

"Hey, could you move your truck? The school bus can't get through," I heard someone saying.

"That's not my truck," Prince Charming mumbled. "It's my neighbor's. He lives over there."

"Oh, my bad," the man said. And then he, mercifully, went away and Prince Charming closed the door against the arctic air infiltrating our room.

Yes, our neighbor parks his huge, unsightly truck in front of our house. And yes, last night he parked about a foot out from the curb, thereby hindering school buses, salt trucks, and generally anyone who might want to drive down our street. And no, he wasn't around to move it this morning. (He owns several trucks. I'm guessing the old one wouldn't be his first choice to drive here considering the current temperature.)

I watched out the window as they backed up the bus and went a different way. My only question: why didn't they just do that first?

This doesn't bode well for any future snow plows, does it? We may just get snowed in for the duration this year. All for the lack of off-street parking.


Karabeth said...

Due to other obligatiions involving boys - both big and little - I did not read this until this now (Fri. 4:40 p.m.) but it was probably trouble for the bus this morning also. I had problems getting my CAR past that truck this a.m. on the way to taekwondo. Your neighbor needs a few lessons in parallel parking!

Karabeth said...

I seem to have had a few problems with the word "this." Don't tell your neighbor. He'll be suggesting that you mother needs a few lessons in English grammar...and he'd probably be right.

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