Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ending the Old Year with a Bang?

We've added a dog to our household. This is one of Lulu's dogs that needed a place to crash for awhile. So we're not sure how long the dog is staying, but we're enjoying it. Yes, even Prince Charming, who for all his charming features is not normally a dog aficionado. He says this is the best dog ever.

At any rate, we know the house will be secure from the threat of...dastardly squirrels and marauding opossums. (Now we finally know why the possum crossed the road: to get away from Onyx.) So, that's good to know.

Further, we have been entertaining a lot. We love having people over. But now it appears our generous inclinations may have been too generous: we've also been sharing germs with liberal abandon. (Of course, this suggests that someone also shared with us, so it's all fair, right?) Despite the fact that we've all been fighting run of the mill colds, Sweet Pea has now been diagnosed with an ear infection and (ominous music here) pink eye.

Yes, conjunctivitis. That most icky and easily spread of all childhood illnesses. What are the odds any of us will avoid getting it? Not good. Not good at all, I'm thinking.

So this rules out my attendance at our annual "watch night" service tonight. And it probably means I won't be at Grandpa's house tomorrow. Exposure to toxic toddlers is the last thing he needs right now.

I'm trying to be stoic about this but self-pity really likes to smack down stoicism, so it's a definite battle. I don't want to start 2010 whining and complaining. I'd prefer not to start 2010 with another ear infection or illness, but I suppose that's not really something I can control.

I have been doing the usual planning and goal setting for the new year. (I dislike "resolutions", so I just call it planning. I love planning. And planners. And lists...) So at least I know what we should be doing, once this latest illness goes the way of 2009.

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Kelly said...

What?! My first watchnight service ever and you and Sweet Pea won't be there? Can't you like... put goggles on her or something?

Just kidding. :)

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