Friday, November 20, 2009

Just In Case You Thought My Life Idyllic

Here's a partial reckoning of what my youngest (alias "Sweet Pea") has gotten up to today:

1. Did not take a nap at nap-time.

2. Instead, broke a piece off one of Polly's collectible birthday girls.

3. And then dumped her piggy bank out.

4. In her bed.

5. And then carried her change around in a baby food jar.

6. Thereby leaving coins all over the house.

7. Closeted herself in the bathroom. Quietly. (Should've been my clue to start searching)

8. Coated herself and the counter, toilet, floor, etc. with my new "for sensitive skin" face lotion.

9. And unrolled half a roll of toilet paper. Apparently in an attempt to clean up the lotion, 'cause every square was also lotion coated.

10. Did I mention she had an accomplice in the above escapade? It was Tigger. Who has lotion coated hair now.

So. Could I interest you in two slightly sticky little girls? They probably have enough change stuffed in their pockets for bus fare.


Kelly said...

Send 'em on over. They'll be right on time for dinner. We're having pizza minus the parents! :)

Karabeth said...

Several comments to make on this one:

1. That's funny. They behaved nicely here today.

2. Time to change her name from Sweet Pea to Stinker.

3. Remember when I used to threaten you with "I hope you have a child just like you!"? Well, you weren't like this. That would be our Li'l Lulu {snicker, snicker}.

4. Speaking of Lulu, ask her if she'll exchange your 2 young 'uns for 2 dogs. I bet she'd take you up on the offer, at least for a few days. :)

Vicky said...

Ahhh! The days of motherhood! This, too, shall pass......and then you will miss it. Well, most (some?) of it.....maybe! :)

Amy said...

Just once I'd like to be a fly on the wall to see just why it is that when they get into the lotion-y type stuff it has to get on the floor and furniture and everything within reach. Why not just smear it on skin? (We had a similar recent episode with diaper cream on carpet).

Of course, even if I were secretly watching such an event I couldn't just stand by and let it happen, so I guess I'll never know!

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