Tuesday, November 24, 2009

An Incomplete but Nonetheless Thorough

List of things (in no particular order) that I am thankful for this year:

A - America's Armed Forces, art, air conditioning, aunts, alone time, good advice
B - Bible, brother, books, babies, blogs, baking, bubbles, bridges
C - Children, cookies, chocolate, cousins, cake, creativity, choir, cocoa, cosmetics
D - Dad, daughters, dreams, dairy products, delight, easy decisions, doctors
E - Energy, education, electricity, England, elephants (just because)
F - Faith, family, friends, fun times, fluffy clouds, flying, the future, fruit
G - Grace, grandparents, gentleness, generosity, growing, gifts
H - Harmony, Home, honesty, houses, humor, hot water, holidays, hugs, history, hot showers
I - Intelligence, ice cream, the Internet, irony
J - Journeys, joy, juice, jewelry, jets, juice glasses, inside jokes
K - Knowledge, kissing, knights in shining armor, enchanted kingdoms
L - Love, life, liberty, long talks at night, laughing, listening, learning, lunch, love letters
M - Mom, music, money, modern medicine, midnight, the moon, movies, memories
N - Nephew, nothing to do, novels, nurses, new books, notebooks
O - Optimism, Oreo cookies, objectivity, originality, open doors
P - Philip (Prince Charming), pianos, poetry, paper, pens, puppies, parties, pools, pen-pals
Q - Quips, quilts, questions with answers, quizzes, quiet time
R - My Redeemer, reading, roses, being right, relatives, rainbows, refrigeration, reminiscing
S - Salvation, sisters, stories, singing, sleep, Sundays, stars, sunshine, sunscreen, soap
T - Trust, trying again, triumph, trivia, toothpaste, colorful tights, travel
U - United States, umbrellas, unity, the universe, an understanding ear, uncles
V - Voting, virtue, victory, vim and vigor, visiting
W - Writing, worship, wisdom, witticism, walking hand in hand, wishes, whispering, weddings
X - X-rays (they come in handy), eXcellence,
Y - You, yarn (although I don't know why), yodeling (because it's funny), yawning
Z - Zeal, zero things on my schedule, zippers, zingers, zebras (black & white = cool)


Karabeth said...

I love the list! You're very creative.

And I hope I'm not reading too much into - what I see as - descending order within each letter. Only brother and sister were second to Bible and salvation. Nice touch!

Hope you enjoy your week. Tell your in-laws I said "hi!" (Not sure I remembered to tell you that in all the whirlwind transfers yesterday!)

Vicky said...

I agree with your mother! Great list! I think I will "steal" your idea and put my own list on my blog! Hope you and your famil(ies) have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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