Friday, November 6, 2009

A Beginning

Now join hands, and with your hands your hearts. - William Shakespeare
My little brother is getting married today.

OK, he's not exactly my little brother - he's really Prince Charming's little brother.

But still. I've known him since he was 18 months old. We've grown up together. All that "in-law" business is just foolishness when you have a family as nice as ours.

And now God has brought a lovely, sweet young lady into his life and that means I'm getting a new sister. It means some other stuff too, of course, but right now, I'm just enjoying seeing how good God is to our family.

We love you, Stephen & Natalie and we pray God will bless your new home together!


Karabeth said...

Best wishes to Stephen and Natalie. They had a beautiful day for their outdoors wedding and I'm sure everything was lovely.

We're so sorry to cancel at the last minute like we did but it couldn't be helped. I'm SO tired of all the ill health!

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