Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Growing Pains (Mine)

Last weekend we traveled about 3 hours away for a family reunion. This involves spending one night at a very nice motel. It also involves getting in our last swim of the year. (Or in one family member's case *Prince Charming* the only swim of the year) Our girls went swimming in the heated indoor pool three times in around 18 hours.

Saturday is the actual reunion and, after picking up food to take along, we went to the reunion. This reunion is held in a large meeting room type of place on the back of a rural gas and electric company.

Not ideal for children by any stretch of the imagination.

We always take along a bag of toys and games for our kiddos and their cousins (2nd cousins up until Fennec came along). At some point though, those lose their charm and the kids want to do something else.

The kids decided they'd like to go outside and play on the sidewalk / parking lot. It's not really a good idea unless an adult is around to keep an eye on things, especially if the younger ones are going to be out too.

So what to do when no adult was quite ready to go outside? One cousin had it all figured out. He's not much younger than Polly, but he was sure she could handle the situation.

"But Mom," he insisted, "Polly can watch us, she's almost a grown-up. She's in the Third Grade!"

Polly didn't get the job. But I have the same reaction as my cousin, sometimes. When did my baby get to be a third grader? And who is that big kid reading Nancy Drew mysteries? Wasn't that me just like, yesterday?

And this morning Tigger joined her sister and her uncle in her first Tae Kwon Do class. She came home in her little uniform and I couldn't believe how much older she looked.

I suppose I must resign myself to time marching on. It would be handy, in the future, to send Polly outside as the "grown-up". Maybe when she's in the Fourth Grade.


Pastor said...

Time marches on I guess but for me it seems to enjoy a "double time" pace.

Mark said...

How about a pic of Tigger in her outfit?

Vicky said...

Unfortunately, time stands still for no one! Especially the kids! And even when you have grandkids! OK, you better wait for awhile on that one!

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