Thursday, September 3, 2009

Awesome Anniversary Trip - Part 10

(Last installment here) Well, we'd sadly come to our final moments in London (actually, we'd be back for one more day, but we wouldn't have much time to spend and we'd be staying in a different hotel). This is the front of our beautiful hotel:
And this is what our bedroom looked like (just remember: it was nice but it was small):
And this is the the type of money that we lavishly spent:
Funny thing about the money, I didn't have any trouble with the pound notes but their coins absolutely drove me nuts. There are about twice as many as American coins and they just don't look different enough. One shop keeper got rawther short with me over it. Prince Charming used the "just avoid coins and get change" method, so he didn't get in as much shopkeeper trouble as I did.

But never mind all that: Saturday morning we got up early and caught the train to Edinburgh, Scotland. From the train we saw sights like this:

And then this:
And then this (these yellow fields were all over England):
And, the site that most excited me, nearly five hours after our trip started: That's the North Sea. The North Sea! I'm not sure why, but it was seeing this that really made me feel like we were far away from home.

And then, there we were in Edinburgh:

Saturday's Adventures in Scotland To Be Continued...


Lisa said...

I love the trip pictures. I hope I get to visit there someday!

Pastor said...

A most excellent adventure

Pastor said...
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oddcincy said...

If I have issues with local currency, I use the "just avoid cash" method. Credit cards may charge an fee for exchanging currency, but so does everyone else.

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