Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Three Ladies and a Little Man

Our attempt to cram a week of school into two days has gone pretty well. So well, in fact, that I wonder if we should be doing more in regular weeks.

I haven't decided on that yet. Today has reminded me how complicated things can get with a new baby around. We're watching Fen today. He arrived bright and early (OK, it wasn't bright but it was early) and he's sticking around all day.

The girls are thrilled but he seems a bit...less thrilled. If he was thinking Aunt Karen's house was going to be a peaceful little vacation, he was sadly mistaken. Fortunately Prince Charming is also home for most of today, because otherwise I wouldn't have enough hands. I can juggle the baby, Polly, and Tigger, but that leaves out Sweet Pea and Sweet Pea must have her share.

Oh well. It breaks the potential monotony of a school day to re-swaddle a baby, or re-insert a pacifier, or remove scissors from Sweet Pea's hands. We'll do anything to avoid boredom around here.


Greg & Amy said...

What!? No pictures?? ;) Based on the lack of photo-age at my blog lately I have no room to talk, but still...!

I hope your day went well!

Amy said...

*SIGH* The above comment was me. I thought I was more careful than that!

Vicky said...

I like the new avatar picture on your blog. Great looking family!

Hope the day with Fen was Fun! :)

Anonymous said...

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