Monday, August 3, 2009

Quick Camp Recap

I'd say our Junior Camp 2009 was the best week of Junior Camp we've ever had. We had 43 campers and every single one of them said at least 5 memory verses. And everyone's attitude and behavior seemed good. We've had some years where we couldn't wait until the end of the week, when our
I mean campers, went home. This year we were sad for it to end.

Of course, one camper was the cutest: But we hid our partiality when we could.
This sword fight is taking place in "The Barn". Where we do a lot of our sports activities. Polly's Dad, Mr. Camp Director Prince Charming, was so impartial that Polly didn't even win this contest. See how fair we are?

The Barn is not usually home to sword fighting contests, though. Its primary role is Dodgeball. Lots and lots of dodgeball. Occasionally we try to shake things up with a game of shark tag. But then things like this happen:
In case you can't tell, that's all the skin of my knee scraped off and a lovely bruise surrounding the scraped off skin.

I'd say you should see the other guy but the "other guy" was Polly. We had a massive pile up during a game of Shark Tag. Polly went down and I fell over her. Polly scraped the skin off her nose and some of her cheek. Plus, she got to have a nosebleed, which won her the sympathy of all the other campers. The fact that she was telling people I tackled her, might also have something to do with it.

The spiritual aspect of camp is on-going. Decisions are still being made and God's work is still being done in hearts. Continue to pray for all the kids and the counselors.


Karabeth said...

I, for one, feel rather blessed that I got to hear Polly telling people that her mother tackled her. The look on your face while waiting for her to finish her monologue was priceless.

But as mother and Gram to the 2 injured parties, I must say that I am sorry you 2 were hurt but thankful that the injuries were not worse.

Love ya!

Lisa said...

Glad you had a great week. Sorry you were wounded. Miss you!

Kelly said...

Aren't you glad I suggested getting a picture of this for the blog? What does not kill us makes good blog fodder. Altough you were a little closer to death than I'm comfortable with. ;)

livingonthecreek said...

Dodgeball. That gave me nightmares in grade school. I had my appendix out in 4th grade and played it for all the weeks I could get of not playing dodgeball in gym class. I'll never forget the day Coach Wells made me play again. I CRIED. He laughed. I still have ill feelings toward him. ;-)
Glad you weren't injured any worse than you were.

Philip said...

Also, Polly won the dodgeball accuracy competition. Not that I'm obsessed about my kid winning competitions or anything. Much.

Thanks to all the campers and counselors and givers who made this week possible! This is probably the most important week of ministry we have all year, and I feel like this one couldn't have gone better. Except for the injuries mentioned (and Mike's trip to the hospital). :)

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